Relax, eat and have fun at one of the many Aquatica eateries, lounge cabanas and more (Photo: SeaWorld Orlando)

A day at Aquatica is unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. From water thrills to animal encounters, this Orlando theme park provides an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re a fits-time visitor or a seasoned guest, here are the top must-do experiences at Aquatica:

KareKare Curl
KareKare Curl is a curved shape wave of fun. Climb this ride’s vertical wave wall and experience a high-speed adventure that swoops you up the wave wall and back down again and again.

Ihus’s Breakaway Falls
Speaking of thrills, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is another must-do thrill experience at Aquatica. The tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower of its kind in Orlando, Ihu’s is the perfect ride for thrill seekers. Guests will choose one of four slides before stepping inside the breakaway box. The box faces your friends who are in the other slides and you get to watch their stunned faces as they fall onto the slippery slide below.

Ray Rush
Enjoy a new family adventurer on Ray Rush. The family raft ride offers three-in-one thrills with three ways to slide, splash and soar. First, water jets launch your raft from start to fast in seconds. Then, take a twisting turn as you spin inside a colossal water sphere. Finally, dive into the giant manta wings, that swoop you up and down a different path each time.

Float on a Lazy River
Spend the last few moments of summer in complete relaxation with a float down Loggerhead Lane. The lazy river offers underwater views of fish and Commerson’s dolphins.

Eat and Drink
Aquatica offers numerous restaurants serving up tropical fare including Banana Beach Cookout, Mango Market, and Waterston Grill. Get lost in the tropics with such dishes and drinks as BBQ Chicken, BBQ ribs, chicken sandwiches, specialty wraps, salads and more.

Dolphin Plunge - Combine your thrills with animal encounters on Dolphin Plunge. The most popular ride at the park, Dolphin Plunge are twin slides that plunge you into total darkness before blasting you through an underwater world filled with Commerson’s dolphins.