Head to Muppets 3D Vision show for fun, easter eggs and more (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights! Muppet*Vision 3D is a family fun attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that will have everyone laughing. Today we’re sharing four silly facts about this long-standing Disney’s Hollywood Studios attraction!

Check For The Key
When it comes to details, the Disney parks never miss a beat. Before you even enter the attraction, the Muppet fun has already begun. There’s a sign that states that the crew will be back soon, and the key is under the mat. While this may just seem like a random sign, you’ll want to check under the mat. There really is a key there, and if you have any kids in your group this is a great activity for them to experience!

Punny Lobby Details
While you wait for the doors to open for the show, you’ll notice there’s a lot of props, details, and chaos happening in the lobby area. There’s one gag that nods to Disney’s past that you just might miss if you don’t know to look for it! Hanging from the ceiling you’ll see “a net full of Jell-O” and it’s there on purpose. It serves as a visual pun, because once you say the phrase out loud, you’ll realize it sounds like “Annette Funicello” who was a member of the original Mickey Mouse Club!

Meant For More
The Muppets has plans for a much bigger presence in Disney’s Hollywood Studios than just Muppet*Vision 3D. Plans with their creator Jim Henson included a restaurant and two additional attractions, including a Muppets version of The Great Movie Ride. When Jim Henson passed away, these plans were ultimately put on hold. For now, we will have to get our Muppet fix with Muppet*Vision 3D.

A Second Show
While you may think the show is up on stage for Muppet*Vision 3D, there’s actually a whole second show going on in Statler and Waldorf’s theater box. Even when the focus isn’t on them, these two are constantly reacting to what’s happening on screen! It’s very entertaining if you’ve seen the show before and are looking for a new perspective.

Muppet*Vision 3D was one of Jim Henson’s very last projects before his tragic death in 1990. This attraction has gone on to become a Disney’s Hollywood Studios staple for guests of all ages. So next time you’re at Walt Disney World, make your way to Grand Avenue and pay the Muppets a visit!