Go on a journey with Nemo and friends in The Seas pavilion in Disney's Epcot park (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

With friends like these, who needs anemones? Future World in Epcot is home to The Seas with Nemo & Friends, a fantastic journey into the big blue world! Today we’re sharing six fishy facts about this iconic Epcot attraction.

Larger Than Spaceship Earth
Did you know that The Seas pavilion is home to the second largest aquarium in the United States? The tank is so large that it could fit the iconic Spaceship Earth inside of it! This 5.7-million-gallon tank is pretty impressive. It is home to 6,000 inhabitants who are part of over 60 different species. You’ll want to spend time after exiting the attraction to truly take in the beauty of this stunning aquarium!

Coral Reef
This pavilion is also home to a table-service restaurant location, Coral Reef! Hidden on the backside of the pavilion,
guests can enjoy gorgeous aquarium views during their lunch or dinner reservations. The restaurant offers a full menu featuring seafood dishes as well as other offerings, all with an aquatic ambiance that you can’t find anywhere else on property! You never know who might swim by you in the giant aquarium, so request a table near the tank if you can.

Turtle Talk With Crush
After you exit the attraction the Finding Nemo fun doesn’t have to end! Guests can enjoy the pavilion’s other attraction, Turtle Talk With Crush. This interactive attraction features Crush the sea turtle who is ready to answer all of your questions about the turtle world! He will even ask your kids a few questions about our world as well. It can be an entertaining way to pass the time, especially if you’re trying to avoid the heat, rain or any other concerning weather!

Extra Aquatic Activities
The Seas pavilion offers other ocean experiences for guests for an extra cost. From scuba diving snorkeling and dolphin encounters, Walt Disney World provides quite a few unforgettable experiences for those guests willing to cough off the extra cash! These experiences are extremely limited access each day and range in price from $145 to $199.

Conservation Project
In addition to being a fun Epcot hangout and an aquatic oasis for around 6,000 inhabitants, The Seas pavilion is also a conservation project! Many of the fish you’ll find within the pavilion have been rescued and cared for by the cast members and marine biologists who work there. This pavilion conducts research to learn how to preserve these sea creatures and ensure that their natural homes remain safe places for them to reside.

As Seen On TV
You may recognize The Seas’ giant tank from iconic Walt Disney World episodes of Full House and Boy Meets World. In fact, Danny and his girlfriend Vicky enjoyed a meal at The Coral Reef during the Full House episode at Walt Disney World! Topanga and Cory got to explore several aspects of the pavilion during the Boy Meets World episode that took place in Epcot. Both visit the backstage dolphin area of the pavilion and Topanga is seen having dinner inside of Coral Reef with Cory swimming with a sign inside of the giant tank. It’s always exciting to see a glimpse of the Most Magical Place on Earth in an episode of your favorite television shows, isn’t it?

As you can see The Seas with Nemo & Friends is worth swimming over for a visit! This one pavilion is home to two attractions, one restaurant, thousands of fish, and endless educational experiences. Don’t forget to visit on your next trip to Future World in Epcot!