Take a trip below the sea with Nemo and Friends in 'Finding Nemo- The Musical' (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Walt Disney World is known for its world-class entertainment. From one-of-a-kind attractions to incredible stage shows, guests love to take in every activity the parks have to offer! Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to Finding Nemo the Musical, a forty-minute stage show in Dinoland U.S.A. Today we’re sharing four fishy facts about the show!

O-fish-ally First
When you hear Finding Nemo the Musical you’re probably puzzled because the Disney-Pixar film is not a musical. Other than Dory’s classic “Just Keep Swimming” song, it’s tough to come up with some more tunes from the show. In order to make this stage show a reality, Disney had to get original tunes created just for the new attraction! This was the first time that the company made a musical show for a non-musical movie. With this new musical element to the story you love, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite characters on stage while picking up a few new tunes!

Best of the Best
Creating a musical show for a non-musical film is no easy task, so Disney brought in the best of the best to make it happen! The songs for the show were composed by the husband and wife duo responsible for Frozen’s amazing tunes, Robert and Kristen Lopez. In addition to the music, this show also features larger than life puppets. These puppets were designed by Michael Curry, who also designed puppets for The Lion King on Broadway!

Larger Than Life
Finding Nemo the Musical uses giant, colorful puppets to tell the tale of Marlin and Dory’s sea-wide adventures. The puppets range in size from hand-held to the size of a standard car! The larger puppets are so massive that they require two or more actors to complete movements within the show’s choreography. Talk about teamwork!

Big Blue World
One tune you might recognize during the show is “Big Blue World” which can also be heard on an attraction in Epcot. If you make your way to the Seas pavilion in Future World and ride The Seas with Nemo & Friends, you’ll hear “Big Blue World” at the end of the attraction! Before Finding Nemo the Musical debuted on stage, this catchy tune was first heard by guests inside of The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Now the two attractions are forever connected!

If you’re into musicals, stunning stage shows, and puppetry, Finding Nemo the Musical is a must. With five shows each day from 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM, there’s plenty of time to take in the magic of this production. So next time you’re in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, don’t forget to swim by the Theater in the Wild the check it out!