Jack Skellington Dessert

Walt Disney World has delicious treats all year round but once October hits, guests get to see the creativity of Disney chefs through Halloween-themed desserts and snacks. We wait all year for these decadent treats and this year Disney is satisfying our sweet tooth with several fun not-so-spooky eats. Here are our favorites:

Jack Skellington Dessert
Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas pops up in this delicious push-pop treat. The dessert is filled with vanilla panna cotta, vanilla crisp pearls, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate crisp pearls, whipped cream and chocolate curls. And of course, Jack himself pops out of the top.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Cinnamon Roll
The iconic Mickey Mouse head can be seen all over Walt Disney World, even in the food. And this October it comes in cinnamon roll form with an orange glaze drizzle and a chocolate spider web in the middle. You can devour one of these sweet treats at the Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom. The cinnamon roll is served all day, every day.

Pumpkin Mickey Mouse Waffle Sundae
Waffles are already a favorite Walt Disney World snack but when you add pumpkin and ice cream you have a fall favorite snack. The Pumpkin Mickey Mouse Waffle Sundae comes with pumpkin waffles, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and caramel sauce. You can find this concoction at the Sleepy Hollow booth in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom.

Halloween Worms ‘N Dirt
Kids will love this version of worms and dirt. The Walt Disney World creation is served graveyard style with chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, Oreo crumbs, a chocolate gravestone and gummy worms on top. You’ll find the sugary treat at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Frontierland.

Halloween Mickey Cupcake
Walt Disney World is full of tasty and beautifully decorated cupcakes but the Halloween Mickey Cupcake is just our favorite. This chocolate cupcake has a purple marshmallow fluff filling with an orange-colored vanilla buttercream and a white chocolate Mickey Mouse scarecrow on top. Sink your teeth into this one at the Main Street Bakery.