Sea Scallops at the Mediterranean Market

SeaWorld Orlando invites you to sip and sample your way around the world during the Seven Seas Food Festival February 17 through April 15. The annual foodie event will feature international street food traditions from more than a dozen culinary marketplaces scattered throughout the park. Here are just a few of the menus to taste at this year’s culinary adventure:

Mexican Market
Everybody loves Mexican food and the Mexican Market will feature popular dishes like the Tacos Al Pastor Achiote with marinated roasted pork, cilantro, coleslaw and fresh pico de gallo. The Mexican Market will also feature Braised Chicken Adobo with mole sauce, cheese and Mexican Rice. End your time in Mexico with Sopapilla a cinnamon sugar dusted fried tortilla drizzled with honey.

All-American Market
The Seven Seas Food Festival pays homage to America with Chicago Hot Dog Sliders topped with tomato, pickle, sport peppers, onions, green relish and celery salt; The Coney Island Hot Dog Slider topped with beer steeped sauerkraut, onions and mustard and the New York Hot Dog Slider topped with chili cheese, ketchup and mustard.

Florida Market
You can’t have a SeaWorld Orlando food festival without a Florida market. This marketplace will feature Florida favorites like the Conch Fritters served with pineapple and jalapeño salsa; Wild Boar Smoked Cheddar Sausage topped with red onion balsamic chutney on a roll; Shrimp Mac and Cheese with local shrimp, bacon bits and green onions and Key Lime Martini.

Mediterranean Market
Set sail and enjoy the tastes of the Middle East at the  Mediterranean Market. Enjoy fresh Sea Scallops Provencal served with wild mushroom risotto. The Grilled Lamb Chop will is marinated with rosemary mint and served with roasted potatoes and Greek Tzatziki sauce. There is nothing like a fresh salad and the Mediterranean Couscous Salad is topped with feta, spinach, olives, sweet red onions and peppers in awhile balsamic vinaigrette. Enjoy the decadent Dark Chocolate Guinness Mousse parfait for dessert.

Brazilian Market
Take a trip to Brazil and taste local favorites like the Brazilian Churraso – grilled skirt steak with chimchurri and garbanzo frito. Sink your teeth into Salpicao Brazilian Chicken Salad with chicken, ham, raisins, carrots, apples and olives topped with shoestring potatoes. End your meal with the sweet Mousse De Maraca with passion fruit mousse with fresh passion fruit coulis.

Other markets at the Seven Seas Food Festival include Caribbean, North Atlantic, Pacific Coast, German, Polynesian and Gulf Coast Market. Plus, from Feb. 17 to March 25, enjoy BBQ with Comfort Kitchen with a Southern Waffle Sundae, Funnel Cakes and Smokehouse Tavern. From March 31 through April 15 enjoy Latin-inspired cuisine with Bacalaitos, Cocina Criollo and Frituras.

The Seven Seas Food Festival is included in regular SeaWorld Orlando admission.