Head to PizzeRizzo to get some of the best pizza and find these awesome details in Disney's Hollywood Studios (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Theming is most important when it comes to Walt Disney World, and it doesn’t stop at the attractions! Disney prides itself on infusing its every aspect and detail of its parks. One of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ quick service locations, PizzeRizzo, has recently reopened for the summer and this restaurant is full of hidden gems! Here are four fun details to look out for next time you’re visiting PizzeRizzo.

Pizza Planet
The first detail can be found right outside of the restaurant! Before there was PizzeRizzo there was Pizza Planet, and Rizzo was sure to leave a reference to the past if you’re willing it look for it. The sign outside reads “The Best PIZZA On The PLANET” and from afar, the most prominent words make it seem like the sign reads “PIZZA PLANET.” This detail is so subtle that you just might miss it!

Wedding Reception
This quick service location is anything but small. With plenty of seating available both upstairs and downstairs, PizzeRizzo is prepared to entertain quite a party of guests. If fact, if you make your way to the upstairs area you’ll discover that one room is decorated for a party! The room is reserved for the wedding of Gill and Lill, and this couple surely knows how to put on a proper wedding reception. From chandeliers to colorful lighting and other details, you’ll really feel like you’re a guest at this ridiculous reception!

Booths with Character
Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to The Hollywood Brown Derby, a replica of the original iconic Hollywood eatery. Within The Hollywood Brown Derby you’ll find walls lined with caricatures of the celebrities who have dined there! PizzeRizzo decided to find inspiration in this idea for their own restaurant but added a necessary Muppet twist. On the second floor you’ll find a VIP booth area and these booths are lined with caricatures of none other than The Muppets!  

Wall Decor
After you finish your pizza, take a few minutes to take in all of the funky decorations and details on the walls in PizzeRizzo. From the hilarious message board to Papa Rizzo’s Original Apron, this eatery is chock full of character! There’s the Pizza Eating Contest Wall of Fame plaque and photography featuring the restaurant’s favorite team -- the City Rats. The more time you spend here, the more gags you’ll find!

PizzeRizzo is open daily for lunch from 11 AM until 4 PM! So, if you’re looking for a great place to grab a quiet bite in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, don’t forget to make your way to Grand Avenue to check out PizzeRizzo. These four fun details alone are a great reason to pay this restaurant a visit!