Experience the magnificent sight that is the World of Pandora in Disney's Animal Kingdom (Photo: Walt Disney World News)

Pandora -- World of Avatar is the most immersive land at the Walt Disney World resort. Tucked away in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this land is a must do for any visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth! Ready to learn a little more about this one-of-a-kind land? Here are five fun facts about Pandora -- World of Avatar.

Beastly Kingdom
When Disney’s Animal Kingdom was first created, there were plans for a land themed around mythological creatures known as Beastly Kingdom. As construction of the park continued, this land idea was pushed to “Phase II” and opened as Camp Minnie-Mickey for the time being. Although the original mythological land idea did not come to be, it is interesting that another fictional world is what would eventually take its place!

Costly Creation
A world with such immersion and theming comes at a hefty price tag! The 12-acre land required $500 million dollars to create. From the floating mountains and colorful, creative foliage to the immersive attractions, it’s no wonder that Pandora’s costs became so expensive! In fact, Pandora -- World of Avatar was the largest expansion in over a decade within the United States Disney Parks.

Helping Handprints
In Disney Parks, no detail is random. Even the smallest numbers, symbols, and markings have a meaning and this next detail is a pretty legendary one! As your exiting the land’s main attraction, Flight of Passage, if you find yourself in the corridor on the lowest level keep an eye out for three red handprints. These handprints are those of James Cameron, the director of the Avatar movie, Jon Landau, the producer of the Avatar movie, and Joe Rohde, the lead Imagineer for Disney’s Animal Kingdom and of course Pandora! Each print is marked with their initials and is a fun hidden gem to look for as you exit the attraction.

Advanced Animatronic
Pandora -- World of Avatar is currently home to one of the most advanced animatronics of any Disney Park. The animatronic of the Shaman is so lifelike with its fluid movements in comparison to older animatronics found around the parks. Since the majority of the Na’vi River Journey uses projections for storytelling, this high-tech, advanced animatronic is the star of the attraction!

Bioluminescent Foliage
One aspect that makes Pandora so unique is its colorful landscape! In addition to the floating mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, this land features bright blooms and other foliage that you can’t find outside of Mo’ara Valley. Disney’s Imagineers included real-life plants, hybrid plants, and then species that are unique to Pandora like the flaska reclinata! The movie creators of Avatar were a part of this process as well to ensure that Disney Imagineers stayed true to the film and its sequels. Visiting Pandora at night is a must do thanks to these landscaping efforts! This land becomes even more beautiful after dark, when these bioluminescent plants shine through with their neon colors.

Pandora -- World of Avatar is a lot more than what meets the eye! After years of planning and development, this new, immersive land is the highlight of a guest’s day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So next time you make your way to Mo’ara Valley, don’t forget to keep an eye out for these special details and facts that are a part of the world of Pandora!