You may not like green eggs & ham but you will certainly love the green eggs & ham tots at Universal Orlando (Photo: Universal Orlando)

Food for Thought

Delightfully delicious dishes have landed at Universal Orlando that are sure to make Sam I Am and the Grinch proud. Available at Seuss Landing in Universal's Islands of Adventure, scrumptious new meals and snacks inspired by the beloved stories Green Eggs and Ham and How the Grinch Stole Christmas have arrived just in time for the Grinchmas season.

Pizza Tots
The Green Eggs and Ham quick-service location has reopened with a whole new menu focused on loaded tater tots and more! One of the standouts is sure to be the Pizza Tots. This tray of crispy tater tots is covered in mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni and Italian sausage. Fans of Halloween Horror Nights might recognize the recipe from the world-famous Pizza Fries—but now, for the first time ever, it's in tot form!

Green Eggs and Ham Tots
The specialty of the house, Green Eggs and Ham Tots, are made with green eggs, diced ham, and a savory white cheese sauce served over a plate of tater tots. To create the iconic green look for the scrambled eggs in this dish, natural ingredients like spinach and parsley are used and it tastes like an Italian pesto. When mixed with the cheese sauce and zesty ham you've got a dish you'll love in a box, or even with a fox.

Buffalo Chicken Tots
For a little spice in your tater tots, the Buffalo Chicken dish includes chicken tender pieces and mozzarella cheese mixed with spicy buffalo sauce and cooling ranch served over a heaping helping of those crispy tots. If you're looking for a vegetarian variation, you can order this or any of the tater tot dishes without meat!

Who Hash
Every Who down in Whoville has at least one can of Who Hash in their kitchen cupboard, and now is your chance to try this Whoville staple. It's even served in a tin can with a colorful label, just like you've seen in the Grinch films and the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas book by Dr. Seuss. The Who Hash includes corned beef, scallions, white cheese sauce and tater tots, all served in a Who Hash can you can take home as a fun souvenir!

S'mores Nutella
After all those amazing savory dishes it might be time for something a bit sweeter! The S'mores Nutella from Green Eggs and Ham is a shareable plate of toasted mini marshmallows and Nutella served over a graham cracker crust. It's a glorious ooey gooey masterpiece that will look as good on Instagram as it tastes.

Other Grinchy Goodies
With Grinchmas going on through the holiday season, Seuss Landing is celebrating the green one with a whole bunch of yummy Grinchy goodies. In addition to Grinch decorated cupcakes and green cookies, you can also find a bucket of Green Buttered Popcorn and Green Sugar Churros at many of the snack stands around the land! And while you're in town, don't miss your chance to meet lovable characters like The Lorax, Sam I Am, and of course The Grinch with his trusty pal, Max the dog.