Rock the uni-brow posing for a photo as the famous Frida Kahlo in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot's Festival of the Arts (Photo: Walt Disney World News)

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Epcot's International Festival of the Arts keeps getting bigger and better every year! And with new foods, new entertainment and new art, we knew there had to be new photo spots! While some of these photo spots are the same as we've seen in previous years, we were excited to see some new ones as well. The Festival of the Arts Photo Spots are always a lot of fun and unique to the Festival!

Peter Pan's Mermaid Lagoon and Skull Rock
One of our absolute favorites from years past, this fun photo spot offers up two settings: one for a mermaid and one for a pirate. Located in the United Kingdom Pavilion in the World Showcase, this photo spot will usually have a Photopass Photographer available to take your photos when you're ready to strike a pose. This photo spot can be pretty popular at the Festival of the Arts and lines can get pretty long. If you get there before the World Showcase opens, you won't have to wait in line, but you'll likely have to find someone else to take your picture, since Photopass Photographers generally won't be available until 11am when the festival opens. 

Luncheon of the Boating Party- Pierre-Auguste Renoir
You can picture yourself inside a work of art in this photo spot located in the France Pavilion! Be part of the Luncheon of the Boating Party here and pretend you're having the most splendid afternoon... or at least look like you are when you pose for this photo opp. There are usually Photopass Photographers here as well, which makes capturing your lovely luncheon all the easier. 

Washington Crossing the Delaware- Emanuel Leutze
The perfect setting for this portrait is America, and that's exactly where you'll find it. Located well inside the American Pavilion, this photo spot takes a little looking to find, but is worth looking for, nonetheless. To find it, head towards the entrance of the American Heritage Gallery building and it will be near there.  Photopass has you covered again here, as you can usually find a photographer at this photo spot. 

The Scream and the Mona Lisa
Ever wished you could be as expressive as The Scream or as serene as Mona Lisa? Well, now is your chance. Another spot that's perfect for groups of 2, these are some of the most popular photo spots at the Festival of the Arts. Find it in the Italy Pavilion and strike your best pose. These lines can get pretty long, and lighting can get pretty harsh so we recommend getting there early if you can. Photopass Photographers can capture these picture perfect moments for you. 

Birth of Venus- Sandro Botticelli
Also located in the Italy Pavilion, and actually across from our previously mentioned photo spot, the Birth of Venus generally won’t have a Photopass Photographer available but on busier days, we have seen a wandering photographer or two available to capture your very own recreation of this masterpiece. 

Frida Kahlo Photo Spot at Festival of the Arts
Who doesn't love a good uni-brow? Well, we'll let you be the judge of that. But if you've ever wondered what you'd look like with one, the Festival of the Arts has the photo spot for you. Bright and colorful, this photo spot is located in the Mexico Pavilion. We recommend having a friend there to coach you into the perfect Frida look, but also because there's usually not a Photopass Photographer present here.

Butterfly Wall Photo Spot at Festival of the Arts
The Butterfly Wall is the newest sensation in Epcot for Festival of the Arts, and we love how colorful and fun this wall is. It's located right by The Land and is actually part of the walkway, so getting pictures here can be a little difficult. There are seven different butterfly wings, all at different heights so that even the smallest butterflies can find wings that fit them perfectly.

Cafe Terrace at Night and Sunflower- Vincent Van Gogh
Another new photo spot at Festival of the Arts this year, Café Terrace can be found before you actually enter the World Showcase. This is another two for one photo spot and we love that there will usually be a Photopass Photographer available for this photo spot as well. 

So there you have it, all of the photo spots at Festival of the Arts! Don't forget to say cheese! Don’t forget to get your discounted Walt Disney World tickets here at!