You’ll be surprised by the hidden gems you can find in the Muppet Courtyard at Hollywood Studios (Photo: Walt Disney World)

Disney Parks are known for their unique details and themed areas. From the architecture to the signage, each attraction and area of a Disney park is chock-full of purposeful details. One Walt Disney World themed area that really revels in hidden details is Muppet Courtyard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Muppet Courtyard may only have one attraction, but there is a lot to see in this small themed area if you know where to look! Here are six hidden details to hunt on your next visit to Muppet Courtyard.

Key Under The Mat
As you enter the Muppet Vision 3D building, you’ll find a sign that reads “Back in 5 minutes, key is under mat.” While most would just assume the gag stops here, you’re going to want to lift up the mat! Underneath you’ll find a key, just like the sign said. The key is securely screwed into the ground, so it obviously can’t actually be used, but this fun detail can be exciting to share with first-timer visitors, or just family and friends.

Painting in Progress
As you exit Muppet Vision 3D and make your way back into Muppet Courtyard, you’ll notice some very colorful changes are being made to the area by the Muppets! There are paint splatters throughout the area, some of which include notes left by the Muppet workers warning of wet paint, or that they’ve gone to lunch. In a place like Walt Disney World, where everything is clean, pristine and tidy, this Muppet themed area seems out of the ordinary, and makes for a colorful photo spot.

Dressing Rooms
Ever wonder where the Muppets get ready for their show, Muppet Vision 3D? In their dressing rooms, of course! As you exit the attraction and make your way into the Muppet Gift Shop, look up. On the second floor you’ll find a hallway of dressing rooms that resemble the ones used in the original Muppet Show set from decades ago! Hanging from the balcony of this dressing room hallway are several obscure clothes lines featuring various Muppet outfits. But keep an eye out, since he is not like the rest, and resembles a familiar Disney character who just celebrated his birthday in November.

Silly Signage
In Muppet Courtyard, all details include some level of calculated comedy. From the exterior buildings to the gift shop and Cast Member-only doors, the comedy in each area ranges from subtle to very obvious, but that’s what makes finding these little jokes so entertaining. In between merchandise shelving, the Muppets Gift Shop is chock full of funny and confusing signs that are worth the complete walk around the shop. The same goes for the Muppet Courtyard area. There is a lot to read, so before rushing to your next FastPass, so take a second to see how many jokes and gags you can spot.

Pizza Planet
Although Muppet Vision 3D has been a long-standing attraction in the park, PizzaRizzo is still fairly new. PizzaRizzo is a quick service pizza location in Muppet Courtyard that replaced a Toy Story-themed pizza arcade, Pizza Planet. Although the restaurant has been completely rethemed to match the Italian eatery feel that Rizzo envisioned, there is still a nod to the previous tenant. Outside the entrance, there’s a sign that reads “The Best PIZZA on the PLANET” that when read from afar only highlights the words “pizza” and “planet,” which can only be assumed to be in reference to the previous establishment.

Extra Eyes
Muppet Courtyard is very different from our world. In addition to the fun and quirky way they run their area, the Muppet Courtyard is home to normally inanimate objects that seem to be alive in this themed land. For example, if you look closely enough you may notice that a lamp or a wall may have a pair of eyes looking back at you. This is one silly detail you won’t find anywhere else in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As you can see, Muppet Courtyard is a star in its own right at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Walt Disney World’s third theme park is one that has recently been undergoing a lot of changes, but has always been full of fun, themed detailing. Next time you visit this park, take a stroll back to Muppet Courtyard and see how many hidden gems you can find around the area.