Walt Disney World makes sure that guests of all ages and abilities have a top-notch time (Photo: Walt Disney World)

The Disney Parks have always focused on creating the best experience for their millions of guests per year. When Walt first had the idea for Disneyland, he wanted to create a place for parents and children to have fun together, a happy place for children of all ages! Almost 65 years later, that dream has come true, and manifested twelve different theme parks across continents worldwide.

One way that Walt Disney World works to make their parks fun for everyone is through their Disability Access Service. Disney’s Disability Access Service is a program specifically for guests with disabilities that may hinder them from being able to wait in long lines in the parks. Guests with these physical or mental disabilities and their families can have the absolute best vacation knowing they are taken care of when it comes to these challenges that not every guest may experience! Interested in learning more about this service for you or someone you know? Here’s a more in-depth look at Disney’s Disability Access Service.

How To Get Started
Upon entering the park on your first day of your vacation, head straight to the Guest Services office, which is usually located in the front of each park. Talk to an attendant in Guest Services, and if you’re eligible, they will get you set up!

Is My Party Eligible For Disney’s Disability Access Service?
The best way to find out if you’re eligible for this service is to talk with a Cast Member. It is important to explain your situation in full detail so Disney’s Guest Services can ensure that all of your needs are taken care of. These Cast Members are trained to assist each guest and their needs individually, so they are ready to provide you and your party with solutions even if you’re not eligible for this service. Remember: The Disability Access Service is geared specifically toward guests who cannot wait in a conventional queue environment for long periods of time. Therefore, guests with only physical disabilities such as a wheelchair or scooter may not be eligible.

We’re Eligible! What Happens Next?
After being confirmed as eligible, the Cast Member will add this service to your party’s My Disney Experience account. This will require a photo to be taken of the guest who is using the service for future verification purposes. One perk of the Disability Access Service is that your whole party is able to enjoy the service with you! In order to make sure everyone gets to join in on the fun, make sure your entire party is present when setting up this service. Guest Services will ask for a total number for your party, so anyone absent won’t be linked to the service.

How Does Disney’s Disability Access Service Work?
This service can be used for any Disney attractions that have a FastPass+ option. Start by choosing which attraction your party would like to ride. Once you arrive at the attraction, visit the Cast Member located at the Standby line of the attraction. Using the park ticket or MagicBand of the guest with the Disability Access Service, the Cast Member will scan the ticket and present you with a come back time for the attraction. Think of this as an additional FastPass+ reservation! Until your Disability Access Service FastPass has been used, your party will not be able to get another. Once it is time to use your come back time, enter the FastPass+ line and make sure that the guest using the Disability Access Service is the first person to scan in your party. After they make it through, the rest of the party will be allowed to follow!

Am I Eligible For Future Trips?
Disney’s Disability Access Service pass is only valid for 60 days. If your visits to the most Magical Place on Earth are more than two months apart, you’ll have to revisit Guest Services again to get your party set up. The good news is that if you were previously eligible for this service, chances are you will be eligible again!

Like most things in Walt Disney World, the Disability Access Service is constantly evolving to improve the park experience for those guests who need it. Make it a habit to visit Guest Services at the beginning of each trip, and you’ll always be up to date on these changes.

Thanks to amazing services like Disney’s Disability Access Service, this top vacation destination can truly be a magical place for each and every guest. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, be sure to visit Guest Services on your next trip to Disney to get started!