Doctor Dooms Fearfall at Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure has taken fear to a new height with the thrilling attraction Doctor Doom’s Fearfall! Just as the ride’s name implies, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall will have you screaming with terror (and laughing with delight) as you freefall from 150 feet in the air to the ground in a gravity-defying drop you won’t believe.

In this heart-pounding, fear-based ride guests will feel the wrath of one of the most evil villains in movie history, Doctor Doom from the Fantastic Four, as he has created a diabolical device to collect every ounce of fear from your body so he can use it against the Fantastic Four.  In order to extract rider’s fears, Doctor Doom will rocket you 150 feet into the air before dropping you back down at speeds that you’re sure to be afraid of! Unfortunately for you, Doctor Doom’s plan works, so you may want to think twice before boarding this thrilling ride.

But if you dare take a ride with Dr. Doom get ready for the biggest thrill of your life! Located in the part of Marvel Super Hero Island known as Doom Alley, which appropriately enough is controlled by a number of evil villains, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall looms above the rest of the rides with its two towers, standing 200 feet above the park. And when you see just how high the towers really are you’ll realize what kind of terror you’re in for!

You’ll first enter Dr. Doom’s queue before being ushered to one of four sides of the tower where you can hear the screams of other riders as their fear is taken from them. Eventually a door opens and you take a seat, strapping yourself in as Doom’s menacing Doombots loom all around you, making sure you don’t try to escape before he’s collected your fear. Once strapped in, Dr. Doom appears out of nowhere and explains his dastardly plan as you are slowly lifted off the ground. Then suddenly you are launched into the open air with a force so intense it uses more thrust than a 747 jet engine and accelerates faster than a space shuttle. In a blink of an eye, (if you can blink, your eyes will probably be slammed closed) you are soaring through 150 feet in the air, looking down on the park like you never thought possible. And just when you can’t imagine going any higher, you’ll be thrust back down to the ground at speeds that will have you screaming in fear! And that is exactly what Dr. Doom is hoping for.

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