If you have a video game lover in your household DisneyQuest in Downtown Disney is THE place to go to keep them entertained for hours on end. With five floors of interactive fun, DisneyQuest immerses players in cutting edge technology, 3D experiences and the always fun, virtual reality. It is inside the virtual reality area where you will experience an alternate world full of dinosaurs, rivers and obstacles in Virtual Jungle Cruise.

Upon entrance to DisneyQuest, you will find yourself in the portal, Ventureport, which leads to four different zones: the Explore Zone, the Score Zone, the Create Zone and the Replay Zone. You will want to head to the Explore Zone, which is a virtual adventureland filled with exotic and ancient locales. Here is where Virtual Jungle Cruise is located, and where you will board a raft, grab a real paddle and plunge into a prehistoric world.

This 4D adventure puts you right in the middle of a jungle from an ancient time. Guests will climb into rafts that are positioned in front of a giant projection screen. The raft is actually placed on top of an air mattress that moves to the motion of the waves, giving you a sense of being on an actual rafting excursion. Each rider will be handed a paddle and as the ride begins, the air mattress inflates, simulating the motion of a river. Guests will then use their paddles to guide themselves down the river. You’ll have to work together with the rest of the boat to decide which direction you want to go. This means if guests on the right side of the boat paddle your view on the screen will go left and vice versa. Your mission is to see how far down the river you can go before the ride ends.

The journey begins in a virtual Disney with views of the castle in the background. As you begin to float down the river the castle will disappear and you will find yourself in a time long ago, and filled with dinosaurs. Thanks to that air mattress underneath you will experience some pretty intense rapids while the projection screen takes you over some waterfalls, through caves and much more. The raft will respond to everything you see on the screen, even spurts of water so be prepared to get a little wet!

This fun-filed family ride is a great way to get a feel for the virtual fun inside DisneyQuest. For more virtual adventures and video games, head to Downtown Disney, soon to be renamed Disney Springs.