Islands of Adventure offers plenty of thrills for little kids (Photo: Universal Orlando Resort)

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Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort is one of the best parks in Orlando for families with small kids and preschoolers. There are play areas where kids can climb and explore, fun rides that kids and parents can enjoy together and special interactive experiences. Here are the top 10 attractions for small children at Islands of Adventure.

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Pteranodon Flyers
This gentle suspended glider lets your kids soar high above Jurassic Park. One child and one adult board the two-seat Pteranodon, a prehistoric flying reptile from the time of the dinosaurs. Suspended beneath its impressive 10-foot wing span, you'll glide through the air. The ride may rock back and forth with the turns along the path, but it's not very fast, and there aren't any scary movements, making it a fun experience for your little ones. Children must be between 36 and 48 inches to ride.

Camp Jurassic
Back on the ground, kids love exploring the Camp Jurassic play area in Jurassic Park. It's one of the biggest play areas in all of the Orlando theme parks. Here kids can climb nets, explore an amber mine, slide down excavation slides and splash and squirt each other with dinosaur-shaped water cannons. Hidden gems of the area include giant dinosaur footprints that roar when you step on them and secret caves to explore.

Discovery Center
Often overlooked, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center is filled with all kinds of hands-on activities. There are games and interactive displays that teach kids about dinosaurs. You can test your DNA to see what kind of dinosaur you would be. X-ray some of the dino eggs to see what's inside at the nursery. And if you're lucky, you may even get to witness the birth of a baby Velociraptor!

Flight of the Hippogriff
Join Hagrid in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as he teaches you about Care of Magical Creatures on this family-friendly coaster. See a real life Hippogriff as you climb the coaster's lift. Then experience kid-sized thrills as your train twists and turns through the Hogwarts pumpkin patch. Nearby, kids of all ages can put their wizarding skills to the test with an interactive wand from Ollivanders.

Me Ship, The Olive
Climb aboard Popeye's silly seafaring vessel for three decks of playtime fun. Kids can explore hidden passages, climbing nets, slides and interactive props. Steer the ship's wheel, ring the bell and change the throttle speed, or spray unsuspecting riders passing by on the Bilge-Rat Barges ride with water cannons! The ship also has a separate area for younger kids called Sweet Pea's Playpen.

Storm Force Accelatron
The X-men need your help to stop the evil Magneto in Marvel Super Hero Island. Rotating these wild teacup-style vehicles as fast as you can is the only way to generate enough power for Storm to defeat the bad guys. Plus, your family can meet Marvel characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men and more nearby – after the dizziness wears off, that is.

The Cat in the Hat
Dr. Seuss's most popular children's story is brought to life in this magical ride. Encounter room after room of strange and wonderful things, including the mischievous Thing One and Thing Two. With a mix of cartoony characters, unique special effects and zany swerving motions, this ride is exciting without being too rough. Children 36 inches and taller can ride, but it’s fun for the whole family.

This is the craziest carousel you'll ever see! Select a critter to ride on this wacky merry-go-round – but don't expect just any old animals. Instead, you'll find strange characters from Dr. Seuss stories, including elephant birds, cowfishes and Mulligatawnies. Kids can make the character's ears wiggle or turn their heads by pulling on the reigns while they ride.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Hop in a flying fish on this rotating ride based on the beloved Dr. Seuss story. Kids can control when to go up or down using a lever as they soar up to 15 feet in the air. Listen to the song lyrics to know when to move where, because if you're not careful, you'll get sprayed by the fishes!

The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride
This is one of the best rides for families to do together at Islands of Adventure. It's a slow-moving trolley that takes you on a journey over Seuss Landing. Select one of two different trolley trains for two completely different stories: one about the Sneetches and the other featuring the ABCs of Seuss. Both paths offer incredible views of the entire park. On the way out, create your own custom cotton candy at Honk Honkers, located near the exit.

These Universal thrills are perfect for every member of the family – even the little ones.