King Kong

The Orlando theme parks have plenty of rides that have become favorites for those that travel to the area for a weekend escape or a big family vacation. If you ask those who come to the parks often what their favorite ride is, you’re sure to get a bunch of different answers. Some rides become “classics” like Back to the Future at Universal Studios, and when they are gone from the parks you see petitions and Facebook groups pop up to bring them back. But, unfortunately, those efforts don't always work. Now The Simpsons replaces Back to the Future at the Universal Orlando Resort, and despite the pleas of many fans it doesn’t seem like it’s ever coming back.

But over in Universal Studios Hollywood, they are the exception to this rule, because they have brought back a classic ride better than ever. King Kong will be returning sometime in May to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. It’s part of the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour. The new ride will involve a 360 degree screen with a 3-D film and 4-D effects. Peter Jackson, director of the newest King Kong movie as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, was responsible for creating the ride and bringing back a Universal Studios favorite.

"Kong is going to get up close and personal with everyone on the tram," said creative show producer Valerie Johnson-Redrow. "That's the beauty of doing this in 3D. Before, we couldn't build two state of the art animatronics, so Kong appeared on only one side of the tram. Now, you'll see him on both sides."You’ll be taken straight to Skull Island where none other than the T-Rex and velociraptors will attack you and the other riders in the tram!

You’ll see them coming at you in amazing 3-D as you feel their destruction when your tram shakes and rocks with every hit. It seems like this ride favorite is going to be a big success when it returns. Back here in Orlando, will our Universal Studios be doing the same thing? There has been so much focus on Harry Potter in Islands of Adventure, but maybe Kong will come back here as well.