The most noted version of Journey into Imagination with Figment is the original with the Dreamfinder and Figment (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Whether you love it or hate it, Journey into Imagination with Figment has been a part of Epcot’s history for over 35 years. With one little spark of inspiration, Figment and Dr. Nigel Channing take guests on a journey through the Imagination Pavilion with bits of mischief from a certain purple dragon along the way! Today we’re sharing five fun facts about Journey into Imagination with Figment.

Third Version of the Attraction
During its almost 4 decades of operation, this attraction has gone through three different versions. The original, Journey into Imagination opened on March 3, 1983, and featured the Dreamfinder and Figment -- a character he created using his Dreamcatcher!

For those who remember the original version, it’s said to be the best version of the attraction. Unfortunately, in 1998 this version closed and only one year later the second version, Journey into Your Imagination, opened. Despite the short closure, a lot of changes took place including the disappearance of the Dreamfinder, a switch in ride systems, and other unwelcomed changes.

This version proved to be extremely unpopular and after only two years, the attraction closed for its final rehaul. The current version of the attraction, Journey into Imagination with Figment, has been open since June 1, 2002, and although Figment has returned the Dreamfinder is still nowhere to be found.

A Sherman Brothers’ Song
As we’ve mentioned before, the Sherman Brothers’ iconic tunes can be found all over the Disney Parks. This attraction happens to be one of them! The attraction’s catchy tune “One Little Spark” was written by the Sherman Brothers. This duo is also responsible for other Disney Park hits including “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and “The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room.”

Purple Dragon
Have you ever wondered why Figment is purple? You probably think of green or another color when you think of dragons, right? When the original attraction opened, it was sponsored by Kodak. Since green was the primary color for Kodak’s competition Fuji Film, Disney Imagineers decided the color purple would be much better for a neutral color choice in regard to brand interference.

DVC Lounge
The Imagination Pavilion is home to a Member Lounge for the Disney Vacation Club. As you’re exiting ImageWorks after riding the attraction, you’ll notice a staircase on your left! After showing proper DVC member identification, those guests are able to relax on the second floor of the pavilion and take advantage of charging stations, complimentary drinks, and other perks. Until 1998 this upstairs area was open to the public as a part of ImageWorks, but after the initial attraction rehaul was shuttered and abandoned for almost two decades. In 2016 it opened as a Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge and has been occupied ever since!

Park Mascot
Figment is much more than this attraction’s mascot. In fact, when Epcot opened in 1981 Figment and the Dreamfinder were the only characters that could be met within the park! These characters were created specifically with this park in mind because Epcot was never supposed to have Minnie, Mickey or any other Disney characters walking around like they do these days. Figment is still present in Epcot in the form of merchandise, the attraction, and usually plays a role of mascot on the merchandise for Epcot’s many festivals.

Figment and his attraction have been a part of Walt Disney World’s history for almost 40 years and it seems that this won’t be changing anytime soon! So, the next time you venture over to Journey into Imagination with Figment, keep these fun attraction facts in mind.