The new Marvel boutique is full of everything you need to become an Avenger (Photo: Universal Orlando)

Marvel fans can now immerse themselves in all things super hero thanks to the new Marvel Boutique at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Located just around the corner from The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Marvel Boutique is where fans can go to gear up for battle with super clothes and accessories featuring your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, and villains too.

From the moment you walk inside, you’ll be thrust into a super hero adventure. Guests are greeted by one of Doctor Doom’s fearsome Doombots. Behind the register is Black Widow, ready to save you from Doctor Doom and any other Marvel bad guys you may encounter during your visit.

The shelves are lined with hero-themed wallets, bedazzled purses (including one that looks a bit like Iron Man), and backpacks shaped like the Deadpool logo. On the walls are more super hero themed accessories including hats, sneakers, scarves, shirts and dresses. You can even show off your favorite super hero logo in the form of jewelry with bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.

The space is small, only 20 feet by 20 feet, but as you can tell, has everything you need to fulfill your superhero needs.