Will you be able to escape the blood pit when the nightingales comes to feast? (Photo: Universal Orlando)

Universal Orlando just announced the first original house of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights - Nightingales: Blood Pit.

This isn’t the first time we’ve run into the bloodthirsty Nightingales. The creatures made one major appearance back in 2011 in a haunted house called Nightingales: Blood Prey, and it was so horrific it was included in the 25th anniversary house just four years later. Now, four years after that, guests will walk through the second installment of the horror story - and it’s sure to be a bloody one.

The Nightingales are a race of supernatural beings that have existed since the dawn of time. They are banshees who can shape shift, making them all the more terrifying. They are also carnivorous, preying on the weak, sick and wounded. When we saw them in 2011 it was during World War I where they were disguising themselves as nurses to feed on the wounded. 

For Blood Pit, guests will be taken to ancient Rome where the emperor has ordered gladiators to engage in their blood sport in order to distract the people from the worst drought in centuries. The sport means there is an endless supply of food for The Nightingales. And even though we’ve seen The Nightingales feast before, Universal assures us that we haven’t seen them like this.

Come face-to-face with The Nightingales this fall when Halloween Horror Nights returns on select nights from September 6 - November 2. This year the scare fest will include 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, live entertainment and more.