The terror and horror is creeping up on guests at Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Photo: Universal Orlando)

Ready or not here it comes. Halloween Horror Nights 2019 is just a month away from haunting guests at Universal Studios. You can’t hide from the terror so you might as well be ready for it. Here are some tips and tricks to survive this year’s event:

Pick Your HHN Dates Carefully
There are certain dates where Halloween Horror Nights will be so packed you might wait up to three hours to walk through a haunted house. Avoiding overly busy nights means you’ll have less wait times and less crowds walking the streets overall. If you do go on a busy night just be prepared to wait. Grab a drink, enjoy some of the themed food and check out the scare zones.

Arrive Early
If you can it is definitely worth taking advantage of early admission to Halloween Horror Nights. This is usually available on select nights for pass holders during the first two weeks. Then it’s available throughout the entire event to any guest who has daytime admission to Universal Studios Florida. If you can’t get early admission, we recommend getting to the event early (like an hour early). You will be given a wristband so you that you can stay in the park as it closes, and other guests are ushered out.

Express Your Fear
One of the biggest horrors of Halloween Horror Nights is waiting in line. The event offers Express Passes for its many haunted houses. The tickets are separate from Express Passes used during the day at Universal Orlando’s three parks, but they work in much the same way. The Express Pass is certainly worth it on busy nights or later in the evening when crowds pick up. Don’t use your Express Pass when there is a short wait time!

Wait Until Midnight
Speaking of wait times, if you can stick out the scares wait around until midnight to walk through the haunted houses. A lot of early birds leave before the event ends, so you’ll see wait times drop the later it gets. Keep in mind that HHN is open until 2 a.m. on select nights.

Plan Your Night
The heart of Halloween Horror Nights is in the Lower Lot and Backlot. It is a not so short walk to the mazes in Metropolitan Sets. There is transportation for those who need it, but your best bet is to do everything you want to do while in the Lower Lot/Backlot then move back up.

Halloween Horror Nights runs on select nights from Sept. 13 - Nov. 2.