Swoop over water and SeaWorld Orlando on one of the best water roller coasters, Manta (Photo: SeaWorld Orlando)

Summertime in Orlando can be a scorcher. Orlando theme parks have plenty of ways to keep cool in the hot summer months, including water rides, coasters and more like at SeaWorld Orlando. Here are the top 5 rides to survive the summer heat at SeaWorld Orlando:

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin
There isn’t a cooler place to be during the summer months at SeaWorld Orlando than Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. And it’s not just the ride either. From the moment you walk into this cool area you’ll instantly experience relief from the heat. That’s because you’ve just stepped inside the South Pole where temps are icy.

Infinity Falls
SeaWorld Orlando has labeled Infinity Falls’ splash level as “soaked,” which is exactly what you want on a hot summer Orlando day. Holding the record for the tallest drop tower of its kind, Infinity Falls is a raft ride that takes riders through flowing fountains, geysers, and waterfalls. But it’s the roaring rapids sending you through chutes and splashy turns before plunging you down churning whitewater that really gets us excited.

Journey to Atlantis
Part coaster, part water ride, SeaWorld Orlando’s Journey to Atlantis is a thrilling way to stay cool this summer. The ride takes guests on an adventure in the passageways of the lost city of Atlantis. During your voyage riders narrowly escape an evil Siren before falling down a 60-foot splashy drop to the water below. You’re sure to be soaked after this one.

If you can’t actually be in the ocean with the fishes on a hot summer day you can at least experience what it’s like to swim like one on the ride Mako.  You’ll cool off instantly with Mako’s 200-foot drop. From there it’s all twists, turns and even some air-time that will make you forget all about being hot. The finale mimics that of a shark hunting prey so expect even more thrills as you whirl around the park.

Dive straight towards the water on the thrill coaster Manta. At one point on the ride that makes you feel like you are a sting ray, your train takes you skimming just above the water. You will get sprayed with a gentle plum and even skirt past a waterfall before making one final dive towards the water.