Trick 'r Treat Scare Zones

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Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights will scare at every turn. Even when you don’t want a fright you’ll likely encounter one thanks to the annual event’s scare zones. They are the first and last thing you’ll experience, and Universal is making sure you won’t be able to escape the horror.

This Halloween, Universal is inviting you to join the celebration of blood and bone at the Festival of the Deadliest. Here the most sinister, and hellish creatures have emerged from the darkest corners of Earth and beyond and have come to bring your nightmares to life. You’ll find the festival on the streets of Universal. Other scare zones include:

Trick ‘r Treat
Halloween has traditions and Sam, the demonic pumpkin-headed rule-keeper will make sure those traditions are kept. Whoever disrespects them will be punished. You’ll get a proper Halloween education in Universal’s Central Park scare zone inspired by the film Trick ‘r Treat.

Altars of Horror
The moment you walk into Universal’s gates you will be greeted by the horror film characters that are featured in this year’s haunted houses. These include Jigsaw from Saw, deadites from the Evil Dead, the freaks and murderers from American Horror Story, and terrors from The Shining.

The Purge
You can expect a lot more blood from this year’s The Purge scare zone. Returning for a second year in a row, this scare zone brings the murdering home invaders back to the streets of Universal Studios. There are also some new surprises in store like a clean-up crew, who will be on scene with their wood-chippers to dispose of the dead. 

In the docks in San Francisco awaits a crashed vessel and visitors from beyond. These aliens are here to destroy Earth and learn everything they can about humans, including their pain levels. Be careful, you might just become an experiment for these alien scientists.

Roaming Hordes
No Halloween Horror Nights is complete without romancing hordes. This time, the hordes will be more terrifying than ever before. Unhappy with how pop culture has made clowns scary, this group of gigglers has risen from the dead to show you just how scary they can be.

This year’s live show will be Academy of Villains: Afterlife, where performers will take guests to see the horror of the land of the dead.

Halloween Horror Nights runs Friday, September 15, through Saturday, November 4. You can find discounted tickets here on Orlando Fun Tickets.