Check out the newest kid-centric addition to SeaWorld Orlando (Photo: Alicia Stella)

Theme Park News

You and your family can now walk down the iconic Sesame Street on your next visit to SeaWorld Orlando. The land is bursting with fun things to do and see! There are opportunities to meet all your favorite furry friends from the show, play and interact with unique experiences in every window, enjoy rides and attractions that are fun for all ages and take part in the big dance party parade daily.

Guests can go backstage at the Sesame Street Theater for special photo opportunities with some of the friendliest monsters around: Cookie Monster and Elmo. You can sit and listen to a story from Big Bird in his nest near the famous 123 stoop. Other friends from the show make regular appearances around the area every day as well, including Bert and Ernie, Abby Cadabby, The Count, Oscar the Grouch and more!

While exploring Sesame Street, kids can interact with special buttons near many of the windows and doors. You never know what will happen when you press one. Characters interact with your and each other in special magic windows in the buildings. There are games you can play as a family, like the Bike Shop Tricycle Challenge. You can even help Cookie Monster make a recipe in his Food Truck Challenge. For even more interactive fun, special light-up bubble wands, which allow you to unlock hidden features around every turn, are available.

There are six amazing attractions to experience in Sesame Street. The most exciting ride is Super Grover's Box Car Derby, a family-friendly roller coaster where you get to sit in your favorite character's box car, modeled after their own personal taste. For something a little less fast, Elmo's Choo Choo Train incorporates a seek-and-find game element into a fun train ride. There's a playground area featuring the Count, as well as a splash area called Rubber Duckie Water Works. Both are perfect spots for kids to run around and play.

Visit the Eats of the Street food trucks for a quick bite. There are specialty grilled cheese sandwiches from Yummy Nummy Nom Noms, like the Hawaiian Grilled Cheese with pulled pork, bacon and melted cheddar. You can order different types of chicken fingers, each with their own dipping sauce, from ABC Eats. And to drink, there are the Sesame Sips smoothies like Big Bird’s Pineapple Delight, made with real juice and fruit, topped with whipped cream, and served in a souvenir mason jar.

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Sesame Street without a visit to Hooper's Store, just like on the Sesame Street show. There you can find the perfect souvenirs, like cute plush characters, backpacks and school supplies, limited edition collectible pins and exclusive clothing you can't find anywhere else. They also offer a wide selection of superhero capes – and they're available in both child and adult sizes! Now, you too can be just like Super Grover.

One of the highlights of the all-new Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando, is the Sesame Street Party Parade. The first-ever parade at the park, this party on wheels will have everyone up on their feet and dancing, regardless of age. Elmo, Big Bird and all their friends arrive on colorful floats, but then the parade stops so everyone can join you in the streets for fun dancing, games and a few other surprises, before continuing on. The parade happens multiple times a day, so be sure to check the park map so you're sure not to miss it!