Stock up on these essentials before heading to the Most Magical Place on Earth (Photo: Walt Disney World)

When it comes to a day at Walt Disney World, a properly packed park bag is a must! From rain to heat to hunger, packing the right essentials can make all the difference on your Disney days. To help ensure that you’re Disney ready, here are the top ten things you should pack in your park bag.

Water Bottle
Florida heat is no joke, so staying hydrated is a must on a Disney park day. At $2.50 a bottle in the parks, buying water bottles to hydrate your whole party can add up quickly! But thanks to water fountains and cups of ice water at Quick Service restaurants around the parks, your one water bottle can go a long way.

First Aid Supplies
Band-Aids and chapstick and medicine, oh my! While Walt Disney World does a great job of offering these essentials at their First Aid centers in the parks, you can save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary walking by packing a few of these in your park bag just in case.

While most other park bag supplies can be purchased at Walt Disney World, this is one item that can’t be! Chewing gum isn’t sold anywhere within the parks, so if this is something you enjoy you’ll want to be sure to stock up before you get the the Most Magical Place on Earth.

One great thing about the Disney parks is that they allow their guests to bring in their own food! Vacationers on a budget can really benefit from grabbing their snacks ahead of time. A sandwich, chips or granola bar can be just the fuel you need to make it all the way to the fireworks!

Rain Jacket or Poncho
Much like heat, rain is something you can always expect at some point on your Disney vacation. So don’t be unprepared! Grab your rain jacket or poncho and toss it in your bag before you head to the parks. Even if the forecast stays sunny, you’ll be relieved to know you’re covered if a random Orlando shower shows up!

Portable Fan
This item is one that really pays off in the parks! Portable fans may be something you don’t always think about for Disney, but when it starts to heat up in the parks, that breeze can go a long way.

Don’t get caught squinting in the family photos! Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason, so a good pair of sunglasses can do wonders for your park day.

Portable Charger
From castle selfies to checking FastPass+ reservations on the My Disney Experience app, your phone will be used a lot on any given day at Walt Disney World. Portable chargers can be purchased in advance at tech stores or inside the parks at FuelRod stations, so even if you forget yours at home the parks have got you covered!

Disney’s MagicBands are your ticket to all the Disney fun! From your room key to your ticket to the parks, this one little band helps you to have big fun on your vacation. Next time you pack up your park bag, make sure your MagicBands make it in!

Hand Sanitizer
Did you know over 56,000 people visit Magic Kingdom each day? With that much traffic in the parks, it can’t hurt to have some hand sanitizer on you to keep your party well!

The Most Magical Place on Earth can be even better with the right essentials in your Disney bag! So next time you’re planning a Disney vacation, don’t forget to include these ten items for the best day ever.