Rise to the challenge in Star Wars newest attraction Rise of the Resistance (Photo: Walt Disney World News)

Rise of the Resistance opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on December 5, 2019 as the most anticipated attraction to date. Since its opening, this new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction has become a must do on everyone’s list! With Fastpass+ and Standby times still currently unavailable for this attraction, it’s important to understand just how to gain access to this popular new attraction. Today we’re sharing some top tips for acquiring a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group!

What is a Boarding Group?
A Boarding Group is your guaranteed spot into the virtual queue of Rise of the Resistance. Guests who acquire a Boarding Group at park opening are then organized into groups based on when they accessed the My Disney Experience app and successfully snagged one. Each Boarding Group will include a number, letting guests know relatively where they fall in order of comeback times to ride. Once your app notifies you that your group is ready to board, you’ll have two hours to get back to Rise of the Resistance and embark on your own Star Wars adventure!

Top Tips For Rise of the Resistance
Arrive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Early, But Not Too Early
Boarding Groups aren’t available on the My Disney Experience app until right when Disney’s Hollywood Studios opens for the day. To ensure that you’re in the park at rope drop, but not waiting around for much longer than necessary it’s in your best interest to aim to get to the park around 30-45 minutes before opening. For example, if the park is set to open at 8 AM, you’ll want to be walking through bag check around 7:30 AM! This way you’re not standing around waiting for the park to open for any longer than you have to, but you’ll still be some of the first guests into the park at rope drop.

Make Sure To Link All Friends and Family on My Disney Experience in Advance
If you’re planning to experience Rise of the Resistance with anyone in particular, you’ll need to make it a priority to link up with them on the app before you show up for rope drop. By linking on My Disney Experience, you’ll be able to select everyone in your party to create your Boarding Group once you’ve walked through the gate at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Once everyone has entered the park, you’ll be able to open the My Disney Experience app and grab your Boarding Group so it wouldn’t hurt to decide on a member of your party to get the process rolling for you! This advanced planning on your part will save you from some major headaches that morning.

Take Advantage of Shorter Wait Times on Other Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions
With most of the park hype being in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this leaves other parts of Disney’s Hollywood Studios with shorter wait times in the early hours of the day. After booking your FastPass+ reservations in advance for that morning, you’ll have the chance to monitor wait times of those other attractions that you couldn’t grab a FastPass+ for! If you’re in one of the earlier Boarding Groups for Rise of the Resistance, this is a great way to pass the time while you’re waiting to be called to board! Even if your Boarding Group is further down the line, it doesn’t hurt to spend that first hour of park opening checking off some of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ attractions that are high priority for your party.

You Can Leave the Park Once You’ve Been Assigned A Boarding Group
It may be a pain to get your whole party up extra early for rope drop to grab a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group, but once you’ve acquired yours you are free to leave the park until your group is called. If your Boarding Group is higher than 50, chances are you won’t be called to board for at least 2-3 hours after park opening. If you’d prefer to head back to the hotel for a nap or make reservations for a character breakfast somewhere else on property, this is completely possible! Since you have 2 hours from when your Boarding Group is called to make it to the attraction, you’ve got plenty of time to rest, park hop, or whatever else you decide you want to do. This is definitely one of the major perks of the Boarding Group system that you’ll want to take advantage of!

Rise of the Resistance is Walt Disney World’s most advance attraction to date. Featuring multiple ride system experiences and interactive storytelling from the moment you enter the queue, it’s no wonder that this attraction is the top of everyone’s must do list! Although it’s unknown how long the Boarding Group system will be in place, for now it’s pretty safe to say that if you follow these steps, you’ll be guaranteed a seat on Rise of the Resistance on your next Disney vacation. Good luck, and may the Force be with you!