Test your skills on Toy Story Mania with these tips on getting an even higher score (Photo: Walt Disney World)

Inside the Ride

Toy Story Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World is a colorful and fun interactive experience where riders get to fire darts, eggs, rings and more at virtual targets using a pull-string cannon mounted on the ride vehicle. This 3D attraction is great for guests of nearly any age, and the more you ride it, the better you'll get. Here are some helpful tips and hidden secrets that will help you reach the highest score possible next time you ride.

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Don't waste energy on the practice round
The first screen you will encounter on the attraction is the practice round. The points here do not count, so don't waste all your energy by trying too hard. Sure, you can fire a few times to get your bearings, but wait until the real games begin to give it your all.

Harder-to-hit targets are worth more
Smaller targets, or ones that are farther away, are almost always worth more points than big ones that are right up front. Aim for things that are zipping by quickly near the top of the screen, or others that may be sneaking by at the bottom, to earn the most points.

Don't work too hard
To fire at the screen you will need to pull on the cord. This will make the darts, rings and whatever else you're flinging fly towards the screen. Focus more on speed and less on how hard you're firing. This will let you conserve energy as well as keep your cannon more steady for better accuracy. There's no penalty for missed shots, so keep firing rapidly for the best chance at racking up a high score.

Work with your partner!
There are different techniques for all five of the games on the ride, but a lot of it comes down to working with the person seated next to you! Sure, they may be your competitor, but by working together you'll be able to unlock secrets you might not be able to alone. See the tips for each individual game below for more details.

Game 1: Hamm and Eggs
For the first game you're firing at targets on the farm. Find the hen house near the bottom-corner. Shoot the fox off of the house and chickens will start running out. Keep firing at the chickens for non-stop points for the rest of the game.

Game 2: Dino Darts
Fire darts at the long skinny balloons under the volcano, and it will erupt after you've popped all of them. The volcano's eruption will release clusters of 500-point balloons that are close together, making it easy to pop them all in a row.

Game 3: Army Men Plate Toss
In this game you need to break plates to earn points. Work with your partner to break both of the 2,000-point plates that are tossed in the air at the very start of the game. Once you do, more high-point flying plates will appear for you to collect. Get them all and a tank will appear with even more plates!

Game 4: Buzz's Flying Tossers
Toss rings over all of the aliens in the rocket ship at the center of the screen first. Work fast or some may reappear. After you get them all, the ship will launch away, revealing a massive robot. When its mouth opens, you can fire rings in to earn multiple points each time: 100 the first time, then 500, 1,000, and finally 2,000!

Game 5: Woody’s Shootin' Gallery
This final round is split into several sections. During the first stage, you'll want to fire at the bullseyes to reveal more targets. Hit the bunny in the saloon to reveal more targets, too. The second round has you shooting at falling mine cars. Keep hitting every car you see, but don't miss the two bats that fly in at the top of the screen. Hitting them will make the mine carts worth more points! The final part is your bonus round. Here you have to hit one target as many times as possible. Use whatever strength you have left and hit it in rapid succession. The bullseye will be worth more points every time you hit it, so don't slow down.

Take a photo for bragging rights
Our final tip is to have your phone ready to snap a picture of your score at the end of the ride. Take a photo of the screen on your ride vehicle, though, as the main screen will be in 3D, so the photo will come out blurry. With a photo you'll be able to show everyone back home that you truly are the “rootinist and tootinist” around!

Put these tips into practice on your next trip to Walt Disney World!