Utilize these dining plan tips to have the best Walt Disney World vacation (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

If you’re staying on property for your next Walt Disney World vacation, you may opt to try a Disney Dining Plan. Each of the three tiers of Disney Dining Plan options vary in dining offerings, but all three include 2 daily snack credits! This means each hotel night your party will be eligible for two snack credits per person in your party. These snack credits will really come in handy throughout your vacation, so today we’re sharing five tips to making the most of them!

Make It A Meal
Eligible snack credits come in all shapes and sizes at Walt Disney World resort. While most may think of a snack credit as just popcorn or cotton candy, guests can choose from more savory and filling options as well! In Disney’s Animal Kingdom for example guests could spend one snack credit on Bake Macaroni and Cheese with Pulled Pork from Flame Tree Barbeque. Snacks are pretty large at the Most Magical Place on Earth, so one specialty Mickey pretzel could turn into lunch very fast!

Festival Foods
Epcot is the place to be when it comes to festival offerings at Walt Disney World. Throughout the year, this park offers four unique festival experiences for guests to enjoy, and each festival includes outdoor kitchens! Did you know most non-alcoholic outdoor kitchen offerings at Epcot’s festivals count as a snack credit? With two snack credits per person per day, your family can taste their way around the festival grounds, all sampling the offerings together!

Go Big or Go Home
Are you a fan of Starbucks? If so, this next Disney Dining Plan snack credit tip is for you! At Walt Disney World, drinks are eligible for snack credits too. The key to making the most of your daily Starbucks stop though, is knowing that any size counts as a snack credit! So, in this case, go big or go home. Treat yourself to a Trenta instead of just the Grande. A Trenta runs about $5.79, but with a Disney Dining Plan snack credit you won’t have to worry about pricing at all!

Price is Priority
A good rule of thumb for Disney Dining Plan snack purchases is to try to keep your snacks costing more than $5 to make the most of your credits. For example, if you waste a snack credit on a $3.50 bottle of coke instead of a $5.99 Dole Whip Float, there was definitely a better way to stretch the price of that snack credit! By selecting snacks that cost more than $5 you’ll know that investing in the Disney Dining Plan really did save your family money on your vacation.

Specialty Splurges
Some of the very best options for snack credit purchases on the Disney Dining Plan are the snacks that are only available for a limited time! Whether it’s a specialty cone or float in Magic Kingdom or a unique cupcake offering for the upcoming holiday or movie premiere, these items tend to be colorful, exciting, and a bit pricey. Guests in your party can divide and conquer by each purchasing one specialty offering and sharing the experience as a group! Don’t forget to grab photos of your food before you dig in.

As you can see, there are some serious pros to investing in a Disney Dining Plan for your next vacation to a Walt Disney World resort! With adding this extra cost per day to your vacation budget, it helps to know the best ways to keep your spending smart. So, don’t forget to keep these five snack credit tips in mind on your next trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth!