Cool off this summer at Walt Disney World with one of the many frozen treats available in the parks (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Summertime is here and so is that crazy Florida heat! If you’re visiting Walt Disney World this summer, keep cool is key to make the most of your vacation. We’re sharing eight top tips to help you beat the heat in Orlando this summer!

See A Show
Walt Disney World has an array of attractions from dark rides to stage shows and everything in between! When it comes to crazy heat, taking the time to watch an indoor show could be just what you need. All four theme parks have at least two indoor show experiences where you can take some time to sit down, cool off, and recharge before you hit the parks again!

The Most Magical Place on Earth is home to two different water parks which are open all summer long! Whether you choose Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Disney’s Blizzard Beach, you’re in for a wet and wild day. Both water parks feature thrilling slides, relaxing lazy rivers, and plenty of ways to keep cool on a hot, summer day! So, if you need a break from the parks, try checking out one of Walt Disney World’s water parks for a day.

Stay Hydrated
Between the intense heat and muggy humidity, staying hydrated is one of the best ways to beat the heat at Walt Disney World this summer. Guests have the ability to bring their own water bottle into the parks, and thanks to water fountains all across property you can keep refilling throughout the day! Traveling light in the parks? Quick service locations offer complimentary ice water to guests (including Starbucks locations) so if you need to find a quick hydration station, head to the closest quick service spot and ask for a quick cup of water!

Keep Cool By The Pool
Walt Disney World is home to some of the coolest pools at their many Disney Resort hotels on property. If you’re staying on grounds for your vacation, don’t be afraid to leave the parks as the day starts to heat up! You can head back to the room and grab a quick nap or head straight to the pool. Slip down the slide, grab a quick drink, or relax in a chair all while keeping cool!

Water Rides
Embarking on a water ride is a great way to beat the heat in the parks! Whether you’re diving into the Briar Patch on Splash Mountain or racing down the river in Kali River Rapids, you’ll get your thrills while cooling off a bit too. 

Parks After Dark
Although you’re dealing with some serious heat while the sun is out, things cool down a bit after dark in the parks. For the summer season parks like Magic Kingdom may be open later than normal, which gives guests extra time to enjoy the parks without sweating it out during the day! If you stick to park time in the early morning and after dark, you’re going to be able to handle the Florida heat a lot better.

Fans, Fans, Fans
If you do find yourself in the parks during the peak of the heat, be sure to bring a fan! Handheld fans can be purchased online or in advance before your trip, but this little tool will be a park essential for summer Disney days. While waiting in long lines or walking to the next attraction on your must do list, you’ll be glad to feel a cool breeze to break through the serious Florida sun!

Grab A Frozen Treat
Snacks and treats are never in short supply at Walt Disney World! No matter which park you visit, a Mickey Bar, popsicle, or specialty frozen treat is never far away. Sometimes it just takes a quick-frozen snack break to snap you back into your best day ever mood! From Dole Whips to park-exclusive cones and more, you’re sure to find the perfect frozen treat for everyone in your family.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a reason, and during the summer months the heat can really get the best of you at the parks. With these eight tips, you’ll be ready for any heat or humidity that Florida sends your way! So, if you’re visiting Walt Disney World this summer, keep these tips in mind.