One of the best character photo ops is with Star Wars character Chewbacca (Photo: Walt Disney World)

There’s just something fabulous about spending time with your favorite Disney characters at Walt Disney World. From age 1 to 100, Disney guests can’t help but get giddy when they get to interact with these guys. Planning to meet some characters on your next Disney trip? Here are some top tips to make the most of those experiences!

Purchase Memory Maker
Disney’s Memory Maker package is great for grabbing as many photos as you can on your vacation, but when it comes to character experiences it gets even better. Disney’s PhotoPass photographers start snapping photos from the moment you start walking towards the characters, which means they will capture every smile and hug along the way. These candid moments are something you’ll cherish forever, so be sure to purchase Memory Maker before your vacation begins!

Get Something Autographed
What better souvenir can you find than something signed by your favorite Disney character? While most opt for a signature in an autograph book, don’t be afraid to get creative! Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a book of illustrations from their movie, or even a frying pan (shoutout to Tangled!), your unique objects will only add to the experience. Face characters especially will take the time to talk to you about it, so come prepared and be ready to socialize!

Strike A Pose
Disney characters are great at interacting with you while taking pictures. You’ve waited your turn in line, so be sure make the time to take a few extra fun photos with them before you go! If you’ve got a pose in mind, go for it. Stand in superhero formation with The Incredibles, or pretend to be a monkey like Abu with Aladdin! Out of pose ideas? Don’t be afraid to look to the characters for inspiration – they usually have a pose or two up their sleeve!

Keep An Eye Out For Special Appearances
Sometimes Disney sprinkles a little extra magic in the parks and brings out rare characters for guests to meet! With pop-up events like Character Palooza in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you never know who you may see roaming around the parks.

Disney character experiences are memories that will last a lifetime! Be sure to use these tips on your next Disney trip to ensure the best pictures to remember these moments for years to come.