Dolphin Nursery at SeaWorld Orlando

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SeaWorld Orlando is one of the best destinations in Orlando for families with toddlers and preschoolers. There's so much for the whole family to enjoy together as well as special experiences that are tailor-made just for the little ones. From fun animal encounters and exciting shows to play areas and even kiddie rides made just for them, this park has it all! Here are 5 fun things for little kids at SeaWorld Orlando.

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Dolphin Nursery
The all-new Dolphin Nursery has been completely redesigned with small children in mind. Now, even the littlest in your family will have the perfect view of the smallest dolphins. Special viewing portholes are available specifically for kids to peer into the tank so they can see the baby dolphins and their mothers swimming and playing together. There's even an entire see-through wall of the nursery so everyone has a great view of these majestic creatures. In addition to learning about dolphins from the experienced trainers, kids can use colorful chalk to draw on the ground and even on the special rocks along the sides of the tank. Now your little ones can play right next to their little ones.

Shamu's Happy Harbor
This area is filled with fun things to do for kids of all ages including nets to climb on and a big ship to explore, squirting water features to splash and play in and a half-dozen rides made just for kids! Children of any height can ride on the Swirling Fishies and Jazzy Jellies spinning rides, the Ocean Commotion rocking tugboat and the Seven Seas Railway train ride as long as they can sit up on their own and ride with a grown-up. Kids that are still too young to sit on their own can ride on their parent's lap on the Sea Carousel with the giant pink octopus on top. Anyone that's 38 inches or taller will love the Shamu Express family roller coaster.

Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High
This hilarious show features sea lions, walruses and adorable otters in a story about Clyde and Seamore attending a wacky aquatic-themed high school. The show features silly jokes and fun animal antics that'll have everyone in your family giggling. Kids love the cute otters and will laugh at all the silly humor sprinkled throughout this 30-minute presentation. You'll be cracking up even before the show starts when the clown comes out to warm up the audience and "help" direct arriving guests to their seats. If it's a hot day at the park, don't be afraid to sit in the splash zone. Just be prepared to get very wet.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
This exciting ride and animal exhibit lets you see the world through the eyes of a young penguin named Puck. You're able to choose a "mild" or "wild" version of this trackless ride before boarding, so select the mild journey if you're riding with small children. Guests smaller than 48 inches are allowed to ride when accompanied by an adult. If your child is too young to ride you can still explore the amazing penguin habitat that follows the attraction without riding. Walk around and get up close to the five different species of penguin that live together in this snowy exhibit. Of course, you can always watch them waddle and swim from behind glass, if you're not dressed warmly enough for the cool temperatures.

Pets Ahoy
Who doesn't love pets? Everyone will love this family-friendly animal show featuring some of the most talented cats, rats, dogs, turtles, birds and more that you've ever seen. Plus, there's some special appearances by a few surprise guests like a potbellied pig! The show is a fast-moving exhibition of animal tricks that's sure to keep the attention of even the smallest of children. One after another the trainers show off these incredible talented animals in this amusing variety show. This attraction is great if you want to get off your feet or "duck" out of the rain, since it takes place in an indoor theater.

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