Cruise around and learn all about Antarctica and the Empire penguins that live there (Photo: SeaWorld Orlando)

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SeaWorld Orlando is a wonderful choice for everyone in the whole family on your next vacation. There are massive thrill rides like the Mako roller coaster, special kid-sized fun at Sesame Street Land and exciting shows for all ages. Plus, there are hundreds of different types of animal species to encounter all throughout the park! Here are the top 7 family-friendly attractions you can experience together at SeaWorld Orlando.

Dolphin Nursery
One of the first stops on any visit to SeaWorld Orlando should be at the Dolphin Nursery. This special area is located near the park's entrance, just to the right of the bakery. Here you can see some of the smaller dolphins that call SeaWorld home. There's a see-through wall on the front that allows everyone to see the little dolphins swimming around with their parents, but smaller children have specially designed portholes built just for them on the side. In addition to learning about how dolphins grow and play from the trainers, kids can use colorful chalk to draw on the ground and even on the special rocks along the sides of the tank.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
This unique family attraction is unlike any other ride at the park, because it offers two variations—and because it ends with a live penguin exhibit! Depending on the age and height of your children you can select between the "mild" or "wild" versions of this trackless ride experience. It's a fun attraction for families, and when it's all over you get to explore the amazing penguin habitat where five different species of penguin live together in their snow-covered home. Guests smaller than 48 inches are allowed to ride when accompanied by an adult. Even if your child is too young to ride you can still visit the penguin encounter without riding.

Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High
With the perfect blend of hilarious jokes and incredible animals, the Clyde and Seamore show has been one of the can't-miss experiences at SeaWorld Orlando for decades. The current version of the story has Clyde and Seamore attending a wacky aquatic-themed high school filled with sea lions, walruses and an adorable otter. The show features silly jokes and fun animal antics that'll have everyone in your family giggling. Get there early so you don't miss the SeaWorld mime, who will have you cracking up before the show even starts when he "helps" direct the arriving guests to their seats.

Infinity Falls
Prepare to get soaked. One of SeaWorld's newest attractions, Infinity Falls is a water raft ride with a twist. After your family climbs aboard an 8-person raft, you'll be sent on a journey through tropical ruins and world-class rapids along 1,520 feet of white-water thrills. Your adventure concludes with the world's tallest raft ride drop, after an elevator whisks your boat straight up 40 feet in the air. With a minimum height requirement of only 42 inches, most families are able to ride together, but riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride by themselves.

Sesame Street Land
For something a little less thrilling, Sesame Street Land offers six fun rides made just for kids, but mom and dad can ride too! From Elmo's Choo Choo Train to Super Grover's Box Car Derby coaster, there's something for kids of any size here. Plus, parents can take a little breather while the kids run and play in the Rubber Duckie Water Works splash area. There are also interactive elements to find throughout the land, characters from the show to meet and a fun daily parade with dancing for guests of all ages.

Pets Ahoy
When it's time to take a moment to catch your breath, or get out of the sun, Pets Ahoy is the perfect escape. Take a load off in a seat at this inside theater for a delightful show starring talented dogs, cats, ducks, potbellied pigs and a few special guest stars. This silly show features animal rescues that love to show off their tricks, fun surprises and family-friendly humor that'll have everyone laughing from beginning to end.

Sky Tower
Take a relaxing ride to the sky in the 400-foot tall icon in the middle of the park. Standing tall since SeaWorld Orlando opened in 1974, the Sky Tower offers incredible views of all of Orlando and beyond! As your capsule slowly climbs to the top, it rotates around the tall tower, offering a beautiful panoramic view all around. Perfect for families, because everyone can ride, the Sky Tower is a great way to start or end your day, letting you see all of the park's attractions from a unique bird's eye view.