Every year, Universal Orlando keeps The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade alive with The Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios. A part of their holiday celebrations, the parade is a way for guests to re-live the magic of the TV tradition and experience it live and in person throughout the holiday season. Part of the excitement of the processional is the many balloons that take flight.

While many of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats are deflated, disassembled and tucked back to Macy’s Parade Studio in New Jersey after the parade, there are actually a few that are sent straight to Central Florida to be featured in the park’s annual Macy’s Holiday Parade. Yes, real floats from the actual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are featured in Universal Studios’ version! This makes the parade even more magical.

"We've actually been doing this since 2000," John Piper, Vice President of Macy's Parade Studios, said in an interview. "The first year that we sent our balloons via truck down to Universal Studios, there was this surprise snowstorm up in North Carolina which then closed all of the highways. So my crew and I were all down here without a parade. We missed one day of prep. We had to put in a little extra overtime in order to get that year's edition of the Macy's Holiday Parade up & running. But ever since then, it's all gone off without a hitch."

Among those balloons are ones that have some historic significance when it comes to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Classic characters like Toy Soldier, Chloe the Holiday Clown and the iconic Elf balloon are all included in Universal’s Macy’s Holiday Parade.

Speaking of Chloe the holiday Clown, this year’s version is a brand-new balloonicle, which is basically a combination of a balloon and a vehicle. The balloon sits on top of a vehicle as it marches up and down the streets of New York in Universal Studios. It’s by far one of the coolest floats to this year’s lineup. The other new balloon at Universal’s Holiday Parade is a worm-like balloon that is full of color and life and is one you certainly won’t miss!The Macy’s Holiday Parade will march through Universal Studios now through January 3. To be a part of the holiday tradition and see some of the actual balloons and floats from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade look for discounted Universal Studios tickets right here on Orlando Fun Tickets.