Escape the Orlando heat and watch Poseidon's Fury, a part action live show, part walk-through that is worth seeing (Photo: Universal Orlando)

Inside the Ride

While rides like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Revenge of the Mummy and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey tend to get all the attention when discussing the theme parks of Universal Orlando, there are a few overlooked gems worth mentioning. From entertaining shows that help you get out of the heat to exciting rides you may have missed on your last visit, here are the top 10 underrated attractions at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show
This opening day attraction at Universal Studios Florida may very well be the most underrated gem in all of the Orlando theme parks. The show may have changed a little since it first opened, but in addition to learning a thing or two about classic horror make-up and special effects you'll also be served a heaping helping of hilarity. Seriously, this show is seriously funny.

Poseidon's Fury
This attraction is part special effects show, part walk-through, part live action show and completely worth checking out. The story has us going from room to room with our archaeologist guide as we help solve an ancient mystery. However, the real stars here are the special effects like the rotating vortex or water tunnel. Plus, the final sequence is epic with lasers, fire effects and a special surprise at the end.

E.T. Adventure
Sometimes a slow-moving inside ride is exactly what you need, especially in between those more fast-paced action-packed attractions. E.T. Adventure has everything: nostalgia, fun characters, and a unique ride system that makes it feel like you're flying over the city. And did I mention that really realistic looking forest queue with the pine forest scent? What more do you need?

Jurassic Park Discovery Center
While the Burger Digs restaurant is popular on the second level, many guests tend to skip the exhibits on the first level of the Discovery Center in Jurassic Park. In addition to hands-on activities for kids and trivia that's fun for anyone regardless of age, it's also the home to the dinosaur nursery. If you're lucky you may even catch the birth of the land's newest dinosaur! Plus, sometimes it's a good idea to get out of the sun for a break and the air conditioning here is some of the best around.

Animal Actors on Location
Take a load off and kick back, relax, and be entertained by cute and talented animals. You'll get to see some famous faces, watch some unique pet tricks, and the audience interaction is worth the price of admission alone. This show is wholesome fun for the whole family and is conveniently located near the kids play areas in Universal Studios Florida.

High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride
Even if you're not traveling with kids, the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride is a fun experience worth catching a ride on. With incredible views looking over all of Islands of Adventure and a nice relaxing tour of Seuss Landing, you've got nothing to lose. Plus, many guests don't realize it, but this ride actually has two completely different tracks, each with their own story and ride path! One of the paths even brings you through the nearby Circus McGurkus Cafe.

Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl
This quick little spinner ride is located across from The Simpsons Ride, and almost never has a wait to get on! The queue sports hilarious little jokes and the ride features the voice talents from the show cracking jokes while you ride. It's even interactive and allows you to raise and lower your spacecraft to "hit" various characters from The Simpsons as you fly around.

The Blues Brothers
This little unassuming street show is easy to miss but is one of the best spots to create happy memories with your family. The show is performed several times a day in the New York section of Universal Studios Florida. Even if you've never heard of The Blues Brothers films you won't be able to help yourself but move along to soulful singing in this lively show. Seriously, their energy is absolutely contagious!

Storm Force Accelatron
Don't miss this fun tea-cup style rotating ride hiding behind The Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Islands of Adventure. The attraction utilizes booming sound and neat lighting effects to help tell the story. It's your job to help Storm and the X-Men harness the power of this contraption so they can defeat Magneto. In other words, spin that wheel in the middle and go as fast as you can!

Curious George Ball Factory
Hidden far, far in the back of Universal Studios Florida, behind the Curious George Goes to Town play area, is the Ball Factory. No matter your age, whether your 1 or 100, you will have a blast in the Ball Factory. This two-story play zone is filled with blasters, slides and thousands of soft balls everywhere you look. Pick up the balls and load them into the blasters to fire at targets all around. It's addictive fun. You have been warned!