Find these delicious festive treats all around Disney's Hollywood Studios this holiday season (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

It’s the most merriest time of the year at Walt Disney World and each park has its own holiday flair. From unique decor to novelty merchandise and food, you’re in for festive fun at every park this season! Today we’re sharing all of the delicious holiday foods you can scout out around Disney’s Hollywood Studios this time of the year. Each of these merry and bright delights will be available through January 5, 2020, so don’t forget to stop by and try them all!

Holiday Treats
Caramel Apple Verrine
This layered dessert is delicious this time of the year. It features layers of caramel apples, chocolate panna cotta, caramel sauce, dark chocolate, apple cream, salted caramel crispy pearls, and dark chocolate shavings on top. You’ll also find a chocolate Mickey and Minnie topper for decoration! The Caramel Apple Verrine is available at Catalina Eddie’s for the holiday season.

Chestnut Pinecone

Enjoy chestnut mousse in the shape of a pinecone resting on top of milk chocolate sweetened crepes and dusted with powdered sugar snow! Find this festive dessert at the Backlot Express and the Trolley Car Cafe.

Cinnamon-Apple Lunch Box Tart

Woody’s Lunch Box is known for its lunch box tarts, and for the holiday season they’re offering a festive new flavor! The Cinnamon-Apple Lunch Box Tart is made with cinnamon apple filling and topped with bright red cinnamon fondant, star-shaped sprinkles, edible green pearls, and a festive topper.

Elsa’s Magical Macarons

When you get your hands on this dessert, you won’t want to let it go! These bright white and blue macaron shells are filled with gingerbread and white chocolate ganaches. Find Elsa’s Magical Macarons at Market or BaseLine Tap House!

Festive Holiday Wreath

Nothing screams the holiday season like a festive wreath, and this cookie is no exception. This cookie is filled with mint marshmallow and topped with white and green icing and a cute little candy cane. Grab yours at the ABC Commissary!

Gingerbread Cookies

Enjoy soft gingerbread dough cookies topped with a creamy maple fondant and chocolate crispy pearls. These Gingerbread Cookies can be found across the park at BaseLine Tap House, Dockside Diner, and Market!

Goofy’s Hot, Not Hot, Chocolate Verrine

This verrine features layers of chocolate cake, vanilla cream, cinnamon chocolate cream, cinnamon marshmallow, and milk chocolate crispy pearls. Since its Goofy’s holiday treat, you’ll find a chocolate topper featuring your favorite goofball on top! Find Goofy’s Hot, Not Hot, Chocolate Verrine at Rosie’s All-American Cafe, and Backlot Express.

Holiday Blondie

The Holiday Blondie is made with dried cranberries, silvered almonds, orange peel, and topped with a dollop of white chocolate ganache, red crispy pearls, and an edible snowflake piece. Grab yours at Backlot Express today!

Holiday Festive Popcorn
Holiday Festive Popcorn is available all over Disney’s Hollywood Studios this holiday season. It features a salty and sweet mix of red and green candy-coated chocolates, white chocolate drizzle, crushed candy canes, and caramel popcorn.

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Gingerbread Cupcake

Bite into a gingerbread cupcake filled with a maple Bavarian filling, and topped with a cream cheese buttercream, festive sprinkles, and a white chocolate Wayne and Lanny. Grab the Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Gingerbread Cupcake at the Trolley Car Cafe!

Mickey’s Santa Hat Chocolate Mousse

This vanilla shortbread is topped with a dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate Mickey ears, chocolate cake, and a large white crispy pearl. Find this festive dessert at ABC Commissary until January 5, 2020!

Olaf’s Chocolate Marshmallow Verrine

Indulge in layers of chocolate fudge, mini marshmallows, white chocolate crispy pearls, chocolate cake, and cream! This verrine even features a special 30th anniversary piece with Olaf on it. Find Olaf’s Chocolate Marshmallow Verrine at Fairfax Fare.

Strawberry Mint Verrine

The Vanilla Mint Verrine features layers of strawberry compote, mint cream, vanilla sponge cake, strawberry and white chocolate crispy pearls, and vanilla cream! Find it for a limited time at PizzeRizzo and the ABC Commissary.

Holiday Drinks

Frostbite Cocktail
This frosty cocktail is sure to get you in a festive mood! The Frostbite Cocktail features vodka, cranberry juice, sweet-and-sour, and blue curacao. Grab yours at Oasis Canteen, Animation Bar, and Sunshine Day Bar.

Holiday Mule
A festive twist on a classic cocktail. Enjoy a mixtures of limoncello, vodka, ginger beer, and cranberry juice. The Holiday Mule is also available at Oasis Canteen, Animation Bar, and Sunshine Day Bar this holiday season!

Northern Lights Slushy
This non-alcoholic slushy is perfect for festive fun at any age. Enjoy blue raspberry frozen slushy topped with bright blue cotton candy! Northern Lights Slushy is available at The Market.

Olaf’s Snow Flurry Slushy
Enjoy a vanilla orange frozen slushy topped with whipped cream and bright orange sprinkles. Olaf’s Snow Flurry Slushy is available at The Market this holiday season.

Winterberry Margarita

You’re sure to feel merry and bright after trying the Winterberry Margarita! This mixed cocktail features silver tequila, sweet-and-sour, cranberry juice, wildberry syrup, and triple sec. Grab yours at the Backlot Express, PizzeRizzo, ABC Commissary, and Rosie’s All-American Cafe!

Hot Cocoa Flight

Taste your way through three different hot chocolate delights with a Hot Cocoa Flight. This flight features hot chocolate with black cherry bourbon, irish cream liqueur, and vanilla vodka. Grab yours at Fairfax Fare, Dockside Diner, or Woody’s Lunchbox.

If you enjoy collecting holiday popcorn buckets, three different popcorn buckets are available at various popcorn carts across the park. Choose from the Mickey Light-Up Tree Popcorn Bucket, Pajama Alien Premium Popcorn Bucket, and Santa Alien Premium Popcorn Bucket. Grab your favorite novelty popcorn bucket while supplies last!

With this full list of festive eats and treats, you’re sure to have a wonderful Christmastime at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this year. Every item on this list will be available through January 5, 2020, so what are you waiting for?!