Try these unique Universal Orlando treats – like custom cotton candy – on your next visit (Photo: Universal Orlando Resort)

Food for Thought

If you find yourself stuck with a sweet tooth while visiting the Universal Orlando Resort, boy are you in luck! There are seemingly endless options for unique candy and delectable treats all around the resort. From specialty candy bars and designer truffles to create-your-own cotton candy, there's no end to the sweets you can sample. Here are 5 unique treats at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando Candy Bars
These fun and distinctive candy bars are exclusive to the resort, so you won't find them anywhere else. Themed after your favorite movies, you'll spot a special bar for everyone. The ET bar is made with peanut butter candy pieces that ET enjoys in the movie. Donkey from Shrek has his own chocolate and waffles bar. The Minions, of course, have a banana bar, and JAWS has caramel with sea salt (Get it?). The Back to the Future bar is popular, because it's shaped like a silver license plate and tastes like a chocolate milkshake. These bars make perfect gifts for your friends back home, too. Find them at most cash registers in gift shops around the resort.

Exploding Bonbons from the Wizarding World
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is made up of two lands spread across both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Both lands have one very important thing in common: The food! No matter which land you find yourself in, you’ll find some wizarding candy that all aspiring wizards and witches should try at least once. Exploding Bonbons are one of the tastiest – and most unique – of the candy options. That's because they're not only bonbons made of soft white chocolate, but they're also filled with crunchy orange and pineapple-flavored centers. The combination of soft and crunchy, plus sweet and tart, combine to make one magically good treat.

Designer Truffles at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium
The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal CityWalk is a chocolate lover's paradise. From their signature entrées made with chocolate and their famous milkshakes to their exquisite hand-made candy found in the gift shop, you'll never run out of terrific sweet treats to try. Their designer truffles are simply to die for. While small, these decadent delights are packed with more flavor than you can imagine. They're available in all sorts of colors, styles and flavors like hazelnut, caramel, key lime, whiskey, red velvet, banana rum and dozens more. You can pick up a wrapped box to go, or hand-select the flavors you want to try most. The choice is yours.

Create-Your-Own Cotton Candy in Seuss Landing
One the best new experiences in Universal Orlando is at Honk Honkers at Islands of Adventure. Nowhere else allows you to create the ultimate cotton candy treat of your dreams! Start with one of six cotton candy flavors like Blue Raspberry, Apple, Grape and even Birthday Cake! Then, choose any sorts of crazy toppings for your gigantic cotton candy feast. Options include rock candy, sprinkles, animal crackers, marshmallow bits, chocolate cookies and more. The cotton candy creations are available on a paper cone base or an edible unicorn horn pop, as if this masterpiece wasn't already great enough.

Homemade Fudge from Studio Sweets
The classics are sometimes the best when it comes to picking out yummy treats at the parks, and Universal Studios Florida has been offering delicious homemade fudge since they opened nearly 3 decades ago! One of the best places to purchase fudge is at Studio Sweets, located near the park's main entrance. That way you can grab a big bag of it on your way out for enjoying back at the hotel. Traditional flavors like chocolate are joined by some more creative choices like Mint Chocolate Chip! Purchase one of every flavor, and ask for a plastic knife, so you can host specialty fudge tasting with your family later on.