Take a ride with the Resistance or Fly the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

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If you haven’t visited the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida this year, pack your bags. A new land has premiered at Hollywood Studios, and you do not want to miss it. This is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
Toted as one of the most advanced rides in Walt Disney Resort history, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has finally opened at the Florida park. This adventure ride takes guests through an unforgettable battle against the First Order, the antagonists from the most recent Star Wars films. Riders start the journey by being captured by enemies before encountering an undercover legion of allies with the Resistance. With quick drops, eye-catching special effects, and high-tech animatronics, this ride is worth the price of admission to the Walt Disney Resort alone. Be warned: those who wish to catch this ride must arrive before the parks open to reserve their ride time.

Taste Blue Milk
Long-time fans of Star Wars may recognize this drink as the one in which Luke Skywalker often indulged in the 1970s and 1980s films. Interpreted by the Walt Disney team, blue milk is now available to taste for yourself at Hollywood Studios. According to reports from guests in the park, this beverage – which actually contains no traces of dairy, despite its name – tastes like a blend of coconut with notes of fruity, tropical flavors. (And for the adults in your party, try the alcoholic version of this drink called Green Milk.)

Adopt a Porg at the Creature Stall
Or a Mynock. A Tauntaun or a Loth-Cat. Perhaps a Bantha. No matter which exotic creature you desire to take back to your hotel room, you will find it for purchase at the Creature Stall. Stop by this store to chat with the creature proprietor, Bina, and discover which animal best matches your hopes and preferences. (Just don’t let the Kowakian Lizard Monkeys bother you too much.)

Meet a Stormtrooper
Keep your eyes peeled while you explore this unknown land – Stormtroopers roam around every corner. If you are part of the Resistance to the First Order, you may want to maintain a low profile until you stumble upon Rey or Finn… unless you already had a chance to build your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. If you’ve joined the Dark Side, however, you could very well just stop and take a selfie with a passing Stormtrooper. Up to you.

Fly Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
Prepare your nerves for an epic ride on the Millennium Falcon in Smugglers Run. On a thrilling race through a galaxy far, far, away, each guest in your party will receive a different role and responsibility while aboard – either as a pilot, engineer, or gunner. Find your seat and strap in – the team is relying on you. (Plus, FastPass+ are available for this attraction, subject to availability.)

Find Dok-Ondar at the Den of Antiquities
One of the most advanced animatronics at Hollywood Studios lives not in a ride but at a store known as the Den of Antiquities. The character, Dok-Ondar, features lifelike characteristics that will have you convinced this intergalactic being is breathing and trying to sell you treasures found across the galaxy.

Build a Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop
You’ve watched all of the Star Wars films. You’ve memorized the lore of the comics, the novels, and the stories’ cannon. Now, your time has come to officially join the ranks of the Jedi by crafting your own custom, hand-built lightsaber at the Black Spire Outpost, with the help of the mysterious “Gatherers.”

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