TapuTapu holds your place in line while you explore Volcano Bay (Photo: Universal Orlando Resort)

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Imagine yourself kicking back on the sand of Waturi Beach, soaking in the Florida sunshine, or swimming in the crystal clear waters around the centerpiece Krakatau volcano. At Universal’s Volcano Bay, that's exactly how you wait in line, thanks to their incredible wearable tech — the TapuTapu. This comfortable wristband with a little screen allows you to do whatever you want while you wait, except standing in line, because what would be the fun in that? Here's our quick and easy guide to TapuTapu, with tips for your next relaxing trip to Volcano Bay.

Meet Your TapuTapu
Every guest at Universal's high-tech water park is given a TapuTapu wristband upon arriving. It's yours to use for the day, and it's completely free while you're in the park. This handy little device allows you to wait in lines virtually, so you can spend the day any way you want. It allows you to access your locker without having to carry around keys. You can even use to activate special interactive effects throughout the park, and pay for food, souvenirs and more!

Getting Into a Virtual Line
Tap your TapuTapu to a kiosk at a ride to reserve your spot in line. Then just kick back until your wristband alerts you when it's time to ride. Let your TapuTapu do the waiting, while you go have some more fun. The Krakatau Aqua Coaster can usually garner the longest waits, so be sure to grab your spot in line for that one early.

What To Do While in Virtual Line
There's still so much to explore and experience when you're waiting for your next virtual line time. You can hang out in the wave pool and lagoon pools, or float down one of the lazy rivers. Check out other rides that don't have a wait time. Or, grab a snack like the colorful Waturi Fusion ice cream made up of 4 flavors! For guests 21 and older, there's two boat bars with incredible mixed drinks. Of course, there are also non-alcoholic frozen beverages for the kids. The Virtual Line is a better way to spend your day.

Be on the Lookout for "Ride Now"
Even if you're in virtual line for another attraction, if you spot a wait time board that says "Ride Now," that means you're good to go. Keep an eye out for slides and attractions that read "Ride Now" throughout the day, and don't be afraid to ride them again and again.

Ditch the Wallet
You can synchronize your credit or debit card with your TapuTapu wearable using TapTu Pay. That way, you won't have to keep going back to your locker every time you need to make a purchase. To save time, set up your virtual wallet on the Official Universal Orlando Resort App before you even arrive at the park.

With so many amazing attractions, stunning pools and a gorgeous beach, Volcano Bay is one of the greatest water parks in the world. And with TapuTapu, you're able to experience more of it, since you won't be spending the day standing in lines.