EPCOT: The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

Are you looking for the ultimate amusement park experience? For more than 25 years, Disney's EPCOT theme park has been providing guests with rides and attractions light years beyond their competition. What began as a magical idea in the mind of its creator, Walt Disney, has now become one of the countries most frequented theme parks. Located near Orlando, Florida, EPCOT continues to fill its visitors with cultural wonder and a magical glimpse into the future of humanity.

The Concept
The Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, much more commonly referred to as EPCOT, was a vision very much ahead of its time. Walt Disney created EPCOT as a community dedicated to the celebration of human achievement, focused on both international culture and technological advancement. Originally, Disney intended for the park to emulate a kind of utopian society, where it would become home to approximately 20 thousand residents. This community was hoped to be the new wave of urban living, one which would set its standards on the information and technology found only at America's forefront. It was said that this progressive community would never finish developing, for it would always be demonstrating the newest and most improved innovations of its time.

The History
Walt Disney purchased almost 28 thousand acres of land in Central Florida with the intention of transforming it into his ideal community. Unfortunately, he died before his futuristic dream could be realized. Many of the plans for this advanced someday city were pushed aside, but many of them were kept and transformed into the park that became EPCOT center. The center's original title would later be changed and referred to as EPCOT theme park. Officially opening in October of 1982, the park was divided roughly in half with one side appropriately titled Future World and the other titled World Showcase.

World Showcase
The World Showcase focuses on international culture and diversity. From food vendors to gift shops, this sort of world fair highlights 11 different countries including: China, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Germany, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Morocco, Canada and France. Each one of these areas offers its visitors an authentic look into the life and style of cultures across the globe and even employs citizens of each homeland.

Future World
On the other side of the park is where you will find Future World. This section of EPCOT is dedicated to and focused on the idea of human and technological advancement. This is where one may get a glimpse of tomorrow's hopes and dreams, and the far out possibilities achievable when imagination becomes reality. Some attractions that can be found in this half of the park include: Mission: Space, Spaceship Earth and Test Track.

One of the most captivating attractions that can be found at EPCOT is that of the outrageous Illuminations fireworks display. Formally titled, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, this sensational fireworks show has kept travelers coming back night after night, and year after year for an amazingly colorful experience. Using a well-orchestrated music score, the Illuminations show uses a combination of fireworks, colored laser sky lights and dramatic water explosions to captivate its audience. The display is meant to take its viewers on an entertaining musical journey through the evolution of our planet. From the chaos of the Earths earliest beginnings, to the order and meaning found in the cultures of our world today.

Annual Events
Throughout the years, EPCOT has become an annual vacation spot for many visitors and their families, as have the many special events hosted each year by the Disney park. EPCOT's International Flower and Garden Festival is a very popular spring time attraction. Through the months of March and May, this festival features a wide variety of colorful flowers and large garden displays, many of which are designed and sculpted to resemble your favorite Disney characters! EPCOT's International Food and Wine festival is another annual event that attracts many vacationers from far and wide. From September through November, the park is transformed into a food and wine lover's wonderland! This event is made special by a vast selection of culinary and wine events, as well as tons of musical entertainment.


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