Exploring Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa is about a 60-minute drive from Orlando and bills itself as the ultimate family adventure park, offering an array of fascinating attractions based on encounters with the African continent. This theme park is where the unexpected comes together, combining some of the best thrill rides on the East coast with one of the world’s premier zoos featuring more than 2,000 animals, along with live shows, restaurants, shops and games that provide fun for everyone in the family.

Before you get started planning your adventure to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, be sure to check out the important park info about the theme park, including information regarding buying tickets, discounted savings you can expect through Orlando Fun Tickets, along with special needs information and any additional knowledge that may be useful to help you spend your time wisely at this unique resort. You can also read all about Busch Gardens’ special guided tours, events and special services here. 

As mentioned above, Busch Gardens is well-known for having some of the best thrill rides in the country, including the one and only SheiKra, North America’s first and only dive roller coaster that sends riders 200 feet up in the air and then 90 degrees straight down at a breathtaking 70 mph. To add to the fun, SheiKra is also floorless, which drives the fear factor ride up a notch. For more information on Sheikra, as well as other roller coasters and other top attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, including special entertainment at the park, check out our attractions section which will give you a detailed list of everything to do and see during your stay.

Busch Gardens continues its theme of the African continent in its dining and shopping options as well. You can relax in the air conditioning and take in a panoramic view of the Serengeti Plain at Crown Colony, or visit the Zambia Smokehouse, where you will sit below the wings of SheiKra while noshing on barbeque. With a plethora of restaurants and shops to choose from, the unique experience of a visit to Busch Gardens Tampa can become even more of a one-of-a-kind encounter.

And finally, study up on all of the park’s insider secrets and tips to ensure that your trip to Busch Gardens Tampa is complete.