Hard Knocks

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Take aim and fire! Warning: this is not your typical Orlando attraction. Imagine you and a group of your friends taking down bad guys, saving hostages that are held captive or defusing bombs that are set to go off at any minute. With your heart racing, arms locked and eyes set on each target, you’ll love the thrill of Hard Knocks’ laser tag experience!

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Hard Knocks
Hard Knocks is a step above the rest of other laser tag facilities. While your sole mission at most laser tag venues is to eliminate your opponent, Your Indoor War at Hard Knocks challenges you to accomplish sophisticated objectives with over 85 Combat Missions to choose from. Step into your favorite action movie equipped with a plethora of realistic armory from handguns and shotguns to P-90’s and MP5’s. Fully air conditioned, Hard Knocks is perfect for youth and student groups, corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelor parties and any other group event.

Ticket Options:
All Day Invincible Combat Pass
OrlandoFunTickets.com offers the All Day Invincible Combat Pass at such a great price. Although it’s hard to believe, you get unlimited laser-tag combat missions for an entire day, until the close of business on the same day. Choose from Ambush, Carnage, Heist and so many more combat missions. This ticket is priced per person.

2 Hour Unlimited Combat Pass
You can still have loads of fun with the 2 Hour Unlimited Combat Pass, priced per person. Get access to all combat missions and urban-themed combat arenas including The House and The Coliseum for two whole hours! 

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Please Note:
Any children under the age of 8 is admissible at the parent's discretion and is based upon the level of activity at Hard Knocks at that time.


Hard Knocks

9101 International Dr #2300
Orlando, FL 32819

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