What to Eat

Epcot is a very interesting option for families when it comes to eating, because it has the most options for food lovers. We know that the plethora of choices can be intimidating, however, so we have broken down a guide to the best breakfast, lunch and dinner spots that Epcot has to offer every family – and every budget.


There is one full-service breakfast option at Epcot, and it is a very popular dining experience that requires reservations well ahead of time. The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall welcomes guests inside a medieval castle to dine with Disney princesses in a storybook setting. Classic family-style entrees are brought to each table, while a “cold” buffet is also offered to families in between taking pictures with princesses such as Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White.   

If you’re looking for a quicker breakfast, Epcot also has quite a few options. Sunshine Seasons in Future World (where Soarin’ is housed) offers quick service options, as does Fountain View, home of Starbucks and several pastry/baked goods options. In addition, the French bakery in the World Showcase is also open (Les Halles Boulangerie – Patisserie), with assorted pastries being offered throughout the day.  


Lunch and dinner at Epcot is where the choices really start to become difficult. Your quick service options in Future World include the Electric Umbrella (classic American), Fountain View and Sunshine Seasons, while Future World also offers a full service lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant, where you can dine with an underwater view of The Living Seas.

The World Showcase is full of quick service options as well as full service restaurants, so it all depends on what kind of fare you are craving. Quick service options are offered in Mexico, China, America, Japan, Norway (limited sandwiches), France, America, United Kingdom and Morocco. Every country except America also has a full service restaurant, and you can also dine waterside at the open-air Spice Road Table, which features Mediterranean small plates and entrees.    


The dinner offerings at Epcot are much the same as the lunch offerings, with the addition of two restaurants – The Garden Grill in The Land, a rotating restaurant that is served family style that also includes visits from some of your favorite Disney characters! In addition, Mexico has a waterside table service restaurant, La Hacienda, that is open for dinner only.

The full service restaurants at Epcot fill up well in advance, so it is advised that you make reservations as soon as possible if you want to secure one of the top dining spots in the World Showcase. The top restaurants, including Le Cellier in Canada and Monsieur Paul in France, are fine dining establishments and generally book out multiple months in the future.

Each fall (generally late September through the middle of November), the World Showcase adds to its list of dining options with the International Food and Wine Festival. This seven-week event features over 25 additional booths with food and drinks from all around the world, served in small portions. If you are coming to Epcot during that time, you might want to consider visiting this highly-popular event as a means to eating your way around the world!

After dinner or between meals, don’t forget all of the sweet treats you can try from around the world as well, such as gelato in Italy, funnel cakes in America, crepes and hand-crafted ice cream in France and a wide array of caramel-themed treats in Germany at Karamelle-Kuche.