The Wonderful World of Walt Disney

The movie and entertainment industry have had numerous pioneers since Thomas Edison came up with the idea for motion pictures. Since that time, the movies have evolved from silent movies where live music accompanied the picture to talking pictures. Also the way we viewed the movies changed from watching a black and white picture to watching full color pictures. Plus, one of the other major changes is from solely live action movies to animated films. While many people have been involved in the evolution of the motion picture industry, one of the most famous is Walt Disney.

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1901, Disney at the age of 21 started a small animation studio in 1922. From a humble beginning of producing short films that movie theaters could play, Disney started making full length animated motion pictures within ten years. With this foundation of picture production, Disney became one of the leaders in animated and live films over the next several decades. But the movie business was just the beginning. The forward thinking Disney wanted to have the Disney brand be associated with a wide range of entertainment options.

Over time, Walt Disney expanded his properties to include television shows such as the Mickey Mouse Club and the Wonderful World of Disney. He was a strong advocate for family entertainment and opened Disneyland in California in 1955. Disney continued to expand his brand presence until his death in 1971 by adding other entertainment properties including Disney World in Orlando, Florida. However, the genius of Walt Disney continues today with the entertainment entities that utilize the Disney name, which have carried on the tradition of offering entertainment for the whole family.

Walt Disney Biography
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Walt Disney Company
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