Your Ticket to Fun Thrill Rides

With all the thrill rides available to try at amusement parks, you might be wondering where to start. Roller coasters are some of the most popular attractions at parks and have a rich history. Created in 1784, they are a small, specialized railroad systems with tracks designed to rise and fall at varying points. If you are on a roller coaster you can be sure to twist and turn every second of the ride, and sometimes even finding yourself upside down! Free fall towers, or drop towers, are rides that are set up like a tower with a compartment where riders can reach the top and are then dropped at high speed. You literally have to hold on to your hat (and stomach), as you free-fall and decelerate back to the ground! Developed in 1963, flume rides are for those thrill-seeking riders who do not mind a little wet. Usually, riders will get into boats or hollowed out logs and be sent on their way down a flume by currents of water. At some point during the ride, you can expect to reach a high point, where your boat or log will be dropped fast and hard into a large body of water. It's the perfect way to cool off! Dark rides are people who love to use their imagination. These rides are closed off from the outside world with a cloak of darkness generally accompanied with music, animation, or other special effects. First appearing in the 1800s, these rides can be as old as a grumpy ghost, and just as spooky!

This roller coaster has been described as one of the most "aggressive" available. In 2008, it boasted to have the steepest drop on a roller coaster in the entire United States at 97 degrees. Additionally, the high speeds and turbulence my cause you to leave a Hersey kiss in the seat. (Hersey Park, Hersey PA)

The X2 is known as being the world's first ride that works in four dimensions. Riders can expect 360 degrees of action-packed drops, rotating seats and visual turns that guarantees that not one of your five senses is safe! (Six Flags, Los Angeles, CA)

Superman Ride of Steel
Despite not being the newest ride available, Superman Ride of Steel has consistently topped thrill-seekers lists of best rides. Twenty stories of high and speeds that cause an adrenaline-rush as you view of the entire park before it drops. (Six Flags, Baltimore DC)

They call this roller coaster "Insanity", because you might have to be crazy to get on it! With a unique claw-like design, it takes riders over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower by 64 feet; with propulsion at 70 degrees, it's an experience of "falling" like you've never quite felt before! (Stratosphere, Los Vegas NV)

Kingda Ka
The world's tallest roller coaster just got more magnanimous! It's also the fastest in North America, making its capability of going from 0 to 128 mph in almost three seconds even more impressive. (Six Flags, NJ)

Tower of Terror
The Tower of Terror is just that, it chilling free fall ride where you fall thirteen stories! It also incorporates the eerie music from the Twilight Zone and Disney set the stage with an engaging holding area filling it with all the features of a broken down hotel. (Hollywood Studios, Disney, FL)

Pirates of the Caribbean
The ghosts of the sea await on this dark ride. Exploring abandoned fortresses while hunting for treasure, but watch out because pirates do love explosives.(Magic Kingdom, FL & Disneyland, CA)

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye
This dark ride combines action and thrills as you get to take the amazing journey that Indiana did in his movies. Who could resist the lure of treasure and snakes? (Disneyland, CA)

Log Flume Ride at St Louis
Family rides have never gotten more exhilarating, more fun or more refreshing! On this flume ride, you can be sure to beat the heat. (Six Flags, St. Louis)

Eats, treats and thrills! The Cyclone is a historic a part of the Coney Island skyline. This ride still provides a thrilling experience as it sails over wooden tracks. (New York City, NY)

This ride has a reputation for being one of the best inverted roller coasters ever. Let your feet dangle through the air as you go through a 60-ft vertical loop and with a "zer G roll." (Bush Gardens, FL)

This roller coaster was named right, because it's just as wild and untamed as a bucking bronco! Speeds of up to 70 mph and a 400 foot-long speed launch is all you need to start your adventure! (CedarPoint, OH)

Nitro Coaster
It's a sleek, and fast roller coaster that is gone before you saw it hit the platform! It reaches 230 feet and drops you 215 feet, and is so awesome it 2011 Golden Ticket Award. (Six Flags, NJ)

Apollo's Chariot
This steel roller coaster is no stranger to heights, or twists and turns, it's also lauded as being one of the sleekest rides there is. Try it out, if you want to be stirred, rather than shaken to your core. (Bush Gardens, VA)